In the highly competitive world of online legal marketing, law firms need to use many strategies to build their brand, increase website traffic and attract potential clients. Here are 10 proven techniques for online law firm marketing to help your law firm reach its goals.

  1. Mobile-friendly Responsive Websites: Law firms need fast websites with modern designs that will load properly on mobile devices, as well as in different browsers and operating systems. A mobile-optimized website is key to obtaining high-converting leads.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: As organic search results get pushed farther down the page, ads dominate search results pages. Optimized pay-per-click ads get your firm in front of potential clients, while optimized landing pages help improve conversion rates.
  3. Local Service Ads: These ads appear above pay-per-click ads. However, there are many factors that determine what firms show up in local service ads. If your firm is not appearing here, competitors in your local area are going to dominate search results.
  4. Content Marketing: An important component of your search engine optimization strategy should include the consistent publishing of high-quality content on your website. High-quality content is one of the leading factors needed to build a strong online presence, according to Google.
  5. Legal Business Directories: To build authority and trust as an attorney online and get found in searches, it is vital to build high-ranking profiles on these frequently searched sites.
  6. Link Building Bookmarks: Improving a law firm’s website online also plays a critical role in your online presence. The network of online referrals utilizing these linking methods can provide long-term gains when done correctly.
  7. Google Reviews: One factor that impacts how potential clients see your firm is positive reviews from your other clients. Positive Google reviews impact SEO, helping to increase traffic to your site. It can also help your firm to be included in more local service ads.
  8. Social Media Marketing: Your social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, helps to build your firm’s brand. Brand recognition can bring potential clients back to your site when they need legal services.
  9. Local News & Content: Helping you gain an edge over other lawyers in your area is what we do. To help maximize our efforts on your behalf, we recommend ongoing communication and sharing what matters near you.
  10. Video Broadcast Marketing: Marketing videos online involves the development and distribution of ads that share the expertise of your law firm. Video broadcast marketing is another way of increasing brand recognition.

Once an organization, law firm or digital marketing company understands how to properly employ these proven strategies, the sky is the limit for creating leads and increasing growth online.

At PMP Marketing Group, we have spent years perfecting these strategies. Our team of experienced marketing professionals is eager and willing to help your firm use these proven methods.

If you are looking to generate more visitors and increase conversions on your law firm’s website, contact PMP to discuss our website services. Find out how we can help you get started on your journey to legal marketing success today.