In today’s highly competitive legal marketing world it takes more than just a few methods to reach the top of the search engines. Over the years of advancements in search engine algorithms, digital marketing objectives for law firms have taken shape and become a crucial part of the keys to success. To learn more about these proven techniques, please see our Top 10 Law Firm Marketing strategies below.

  1. Content Marketing: This area pertains to the creation and circulation of your services and expertise on hot topics through the content that brings relevant customers in your area to you.
  1. Video Broadcast Marketing: Marketing videos online includes the development and distribution of ads that share the expertise of your law firm’s services through branding and recognition.
  1. Social Media Marketing: The goals and marketing objectives for a law firm’s practice can improve greatly through the use of social traffic shares and leads which help branding success.
  1. Mobile-friendly Responsive Websites: As the percentage of mobile traffic increases, responsive websites have proven key to obtaining high converting leads from all potential client inquiries.
  1. Press Release Announcements: Through the use of online law firm practice press release announcements we utilize a vast and valuable network that promotes you as the authority.
  1. Visual Info-graphic Images: Stunning visuals and easy to follow info-graphics are great for potential clients to quickly absorb the engaging and easy to read information about your firm.
  1. Link Building Bookmarks: Improving a law firm’s website online is important and the network of online referrals that utilizes these linking methods can provide long-term gains when done correctly.
  1. Legal Business Directories: To become an authority as an attorney online and get found in searches, it is always advised to build high ranking profiles on these frequently searched sites.
  1. Local News & Content: Gaining an edge over other lawyers in your area is what we do, and to best accomplish this we recommend being in tune and sharing what matters near you.
  1. PPC AdWords Campaigns: Pay-per-click ad campaigns are often the quick way to be found. Always ensure that your law firms ads remain focused on your specific area of expertise.

Once an organization, law firm or digital marketing company learns to properly establish these important strategies for lawyer advertising and law offices correctly, the sky will be the limit for leads and growth online. At PMP Marketing Group we’ve spent years perfecting these online law firm marketing strategies and are always eager and willing to help your practice gain the same success and leads quickly.

If you are looking to generate more visitors and conversions from your company website, our industry tested and proven law firm marketing strategies will bring the successful techniques your legal practice has been looking for. To learn more, contact the PMP Marketing Group today and get started down the road to legal marketing success.

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