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The Rise of Voice Search: How Plaintiffs’ Law Firms Can Optimize Their Websites For Voice-Activated Devices

Consumers want answers to their questions as quickly as possible. When you consider that we talk much faster than we type, it is easy to see why voice searches have…

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Law Firm Marketing in 2024: 5 Trends to Keep Your Eye On

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Proven Strategies for Identifying Your Law Firm’s Target Audience

Do you know your law firm’s target audience? Are you currently marketing to that audience? There is only so much you can spend on marketing your firm, so you need…

How A/B testing can help boost your law firm's conversions

A/B Testing and How it Could Increase Your Law Firm’s Conversions

Having a competitive website is vital to your law firm’s growth and reaching your target audience. It is also an essential step if you want to build your legal brand….

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Video Marketing for Lawyers: How it Can Increase Website Traffic, Build Your Brand and Attract Potential Clients

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Are You Getting the Most From Your Law Firm’s Local Service Ads?

For years, law firms have been investing a lot of time and money into appearing first in Google search results. Since 2019, the top spot in search results for high-value…

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Five Ways AI Can Help Enhance Your Content Creation Efforts

Love it or fear it, AI is here to stay. While it is not yet ready to take over our jobs, you can harness the power of AI to enhance…

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Digital Marketing Metrics For Law Firms: What You Should Be Tracking

Data is one the keys to success with digital marketing for law firms. The problem is, there are so many digital marketing metrics you can track that it is difficult…

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Is Outdoor Advertising Still an Effective Strategy For Law Firms?

Brand recognition is crucial for personal injury law firms. You want potential clients to remember your law firm when they need an attorney. Injured victims may be more likely to…

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Link Building For Law Firms: Proven Strategies For Building Backlinks to Your Website

There are many factors that influence your website’s position in search results, such as the quality of the content, how fast your homepage loads, and the quality of the user…