Our client has several traditional search campaigns focused on different case types within the personal injury legal space. The firm been running YouTube ads for a while and needed to see an uptick in conversions of new cases while keeping costs low. PMP paid media team optimized for YouTube knowing it is a natural placement in the PMAX environment, we paused the YouTube campaign and reinvested campaign efforts to a new PMAX campaign to test the market.


PMP created a plan that included Performance Max (PMAX) that included an awareness and conversion tactics. PMAX campaigns act to serve ads across Google channels and act as conversion-based campaigns. It serves ads on YouTube, Search, Google Display Network, Gmail, and Discovery Ads. PMAX leverages algorithm learnings and populates ads on most optimal channels to drive more conversions using the repositioned investment of $5,750.


PMP gathered appropriate visual assets and developed engaging text to provide the best user experience. The PMAX campaign was launched, and, within a month, campaigns were able to leverage machine learning to find the most optimum performance.

PMP Strategy Results via Performance Max

Graph of Conversion vs Cost per Conversion by Tatic