Ad-blocking software has more than 200 million users, which has many businesses questioning just how this will impact their advertising efforts.

Usage rates for this type of software vary on the type of content being provided and audience demographics. For example, young men using video game sites tend to use ad-block software more frequently.

While ad-block software on desktops is nothing new, many are worried about how Apple’s decision to support ad blockers in its iPhone operating system will impact business. By January 2014, mobile browsing surpassed desktop internet usage. Many businesses have begun to notice that much of their website traffic is coming in from mobile, which can include tablets, smartphones and e-readers.

Recently, the New York Times decided to test ad-blocking apps available for the iPhone and measure how well the programs improved webpage loading times and if it increased the smartphone’s battery life.

Purify and Crystal, two of the most popular ad blockers, as well as 1blocker, were tested.

In the first test, data sizes of the 50 most popular news websites were tested with and without the ad blockers enabled. A second test measured battery life to determine if the ad blockers helped preserve battery life.

Test results revealed that webpage data sizes decreased significantly while load times were much faster when ad blockers were turned on. Furthermore, the iPhone’s battery life also improved when ads were removed.

A different study has shown that ad-blocking software sometimes causes websites to load with missing pieces of content and broken online shopping carts.

Ad-blocking software for mobile devices is available for mobile browsing, but will not work with apps. How will this affect your law firm? If you’re running banner ads, your intended audience may no longer see them. Some firms may choose to look into advertising in mobile apps, such as Facebook, to get more of their messages out as mobile ad-blocking software use increases.

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