At PMP, as soon as we take on a new client our work begins. By utilizing traditional and modern techniques to appeal to your target demographic, our media and digital teams will implement customized campaigns based on the needs and goals of your firm. When digital and traditional media marketing is integrated, the result is a rich and balanced campaign that enhances the existing strengths of your practice and improves weaknesses.

The first step in creating a custom marketing campaign is getting to know our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our team identifies the needs of your practice and your prior marketing efforts to determine what’s been working for you and what hasn’t. We’ll examine a number of points in your current approach and how they can be adjusted for maximum results. Some of the questions we consider include:

  • Are you maximizing the available channels of local advertising?
  • Do you have a website with a professional appearance? Is it capturing visitors’ interests and bringing them back for more?
  • Do you have an authoritative presence in your local demographic?
  • Is the personality of your firm being conveyed the way you want?

Once we answer these and other questions we get to work engaging your target market and continuing to build your firm’s brand. We ask, “What can we do to get you more qualified leads?” and utilize our considerable resources to do just that. PMP has found that when digital and traditional media converge the payoff is unmatched.

Digital and Traditional Media Working for You

The way potential leads search for a law firm is changing, and more people are utilizing social media and search engines like Google to research firms when they are considering their services. At PMP, however, we know you can’t neglect traditional advertising methods, which is why we put the two together to make sure you get the most effective and cohesive campaign.

To handle traditional media campaigns, our knowledgeable media managers and coordinators initiate television, radio, and print campaigns aimed at getting your firm maximum exposure within your target demographic. With professionally scripted and produced commercials, signage, and web videos, PMP places you at the center of your marketplace.

Simultaneously, the digital team will employ a modern approach to advertising your firm. They ensure that your customized pay-per-click campaigns attract quality leads and optimized landing pages increase the chances they will contact your firm. Our digital team also optimizes your website so it loads quickly and provides unique, informational content, relevant blog posts, case results and client testimonials. We also write blogs and social media posts that address important legal issues, news, and events you wish to publicize. Digital’s SEO team is constantly focused on testing to optimize your site to improve Google rankings and drive traffic to your site.

PMP Custom Campaigns

A custom marketing campaign requires time, effort and attentiveness. PMP knows that every client has a different set of needs and goals, and that no campaign will thrive under a one-size-fits-all approach. Our aim is to provide our clients with the tools and techniques for a successful marketing campaign true to their brand.