Attorneys and law firms stand to benefit a great deal from blogging. Producing thought-provoking content on current legal issues is an effective way to increase visibility and create a well-rounded digital presence.

You might ask, though, if I have a professional website and a stellar reputation, do I still need to blog? The short answer is yes.

Information on your website is static and offers no comment on relevant current events like product recalls or game-changing settlements. When you utilize a blog you can connect with an audience who will begin to see you as an authority on legal topics that affect them right now.

Blogging gives you and your firm a chance to respond immediately and create socially engaging articles. These blogs could be about your firm’s community involvement or case results; maybe you have interesting accident statistics you would like to publish. Whatever your reason, maintaining a blog can add another level of credibility to your firm’s reputation.

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Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 ways a law firm site might use blogs to drive organic traffic:

Humanize your team

Potential clients may browse through your website to see who may end up taking on their case, and having blogs celebrating accomplishments from team members could help increase confidence about your firm’s competence.

Share case results

Successful outcomes are one of the most motivating factors when a potential lead is searching for representation. Why not blog this information to your audience?

Inform fellow attorneys

Establish leadership among your peers, not just to your target demographic, with useful industry information.

Increase visibility in the digital realm

Addressing topics that are relevant to the legal industry in a timely manner will help with Google rankings, boosting search results for your firm’s blog or website.

Establish authority and leadership

Staying ahead of the curve on legal issues presents your firm as forward-thinking and modern with the knowledge to handle a case skillfully.

Round out your social media presence

Keeping an up-to-date blog adds credibility to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, which is critical in today’s social media-driven world.

Facilitate engagement with readers

Encourage interaction and interest with posts that get readers talking. Maybe that legal question they haven’t known who to ask is a perfect match for your expertise.

Convey your passion

Readers will appreciate the author’s genuine interest in the blog topics and connect with the article on a deeper level.

Announce exciting firm news

Expanding practice areas? Opening a new location? Your blog is the perfect outlet for this kind of positive news.

Post important statistics

Establishing yourself as a resource for factual, current information solidifies your reputation for reliability. Potential clients, peers, and readers from the furthest reaches of the Internet will bookmark your site for future reference and trust the data that your blog provides.

Even if your demographic doesn’t use social media or seek out blogs to follow, they are influenced by others who do. Family and friends are more likely to recommend a firm that is top-of-mind and that they believe to be the most reliable choice; a well-crafted blog can help secure that trust.