The world of law firm marketing is highly competitive and constantly evolving. Law firms that can adapt to the latest trends can continue to grow and reach their ideal clients.

As we approach 2024, there are several trends law firms should keep an eye on. While these are not necessarily new methods for marketing legal services, they are expected to kick into high gear in the months ahead.

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1. Firms Will Continue Using AI to Enhance Their Marketing Efforts

Law firms have already started using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze legal information, automate repetitive office tasks and reduce the amount of time it takes to do legal research. AI can help law firms spend more time working with their clients.

AI can also be used to enhance your law firm marketing efforts. For example, AI can save time on updating and creating content for law firm websites. AI tools like ChatGPT can help you come up with topics for blogs and even streamline the writing process. AI can help law firms better target their advertising to deliver a more personalized experience for their clients.

AI chatbots allow law firms to instantly respond to clients and schedule appointments. Consumers expect prompt responses and instant access to information, so AI is becoming an essential tool for law firms to meet their clients’ needs.

2. Increased Use of Video Marketing

Video is more engaging than text-based content. In 2024, more and more lawyers are expected to use video to communicate with potential clients and build trust.

For example, short, informative videos that answer frequently asked questions can increase engagement on law firm social media profiles. These videos could answer questions potential clients have about practice areas or working with a lawyer.

Law firms can also use video in pay-per-click advertisements and for testimonials from clients.

While web-based content, such as practice areas and blogs, is still important, firms should look to integrate videos more often.

3. Optimizing Social Media Profiles to Acquire Clients

It is more important than ever to optimize your social media profiles to help attract potential clients. Social media marketing is about more than just getting engagement. Law firms can handle consultations and other inquiries from potential clients.

However, you are going to need enough followers to use social media for these purposes. That means you need to continue producing content that social media users find engaging. This includes video and text-based content that answers common questions or helps to humanize your firm. People like to see pictures or video of lawyers, including content showing lawyers engaging with their local community.

4. Showcasing Commitment to Justice, Social Responsibility and Community Involvement

More and more consumers are looking for authenticity from the products and services they use. They also want to interact with brands they see as a force for good in the world.

Personal injury law firms are uniquely positioned compared to other products and services, as they help people get their lives back on track after an unexpected injury. However, law firms need to promote their efforts so potential clients know about them.

Lawyers can produce thought leadership on LinkedIn and their websites about important legal issues. For example, lawyers can explain their position on legislation that affects one of their practice areas.

Social media posts about charity work and sponsorship of local events also helps demonstrate commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

The Importance of Staying Consistent

As in years past, consistency is vital. It is not enough to have an effective strategy. You must stick to it to reap the benefits. For example, you need a consistent schedule for social media and blog posts. You need to effectively integrate AI into your efforts until it becomes routine.

Given the complexities of marketing, many law firms outsource it to a third party. PMP has been managing marketing for law firms for more than 15 years. We handle marketing so law firms can focus on meeting their clients needs.

If you are looking to improve your marketing efforts and reach more potential clients, contact PMP to learn how we can assist you. Our team of experienced marketing professionals has developed proven strategies to help law firms meet their goals.