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Website Data Analysis

Website data analysis at PMP Marketing Group is a multifaceted program. When a law firm first comes to the digital department for guidance, we perform a deep-level analysis of the current website. In doing so, we are able to outline a structure for future site plans, while gaining an understanding of where the client currently stands from a web perspective.

In addition to a deep-level analysis of the current website, we conduct a comprehensive website analysis of every competitor’s website. Due to the vast competition between law firms in specific locations, we ensure to have our finger on the pulse of competitor law firms, their websites, and the processes in which they use to achieve ranking.

Analyzing websites throughout the scope of the market as well as the client’s site gives the digital department clear insight to begin formulating a fresh strategy. Beyond these deep-level breakdowns of website interiors and magnitude, PMP’s digital department conducts daily website evaluations.

Data Analysis for Law Firm Success

Consistently monitoring a client’s website in relation to ranking, conversion, links, and content allows our digital experts to make dynamic adjustments and modifications to current initiatives to reflect dips in the website data assessment.

With each step of the PMP digital process founded on data, we are able to confidently make improvements based upon meaningful metrics which directly contribute to our clients’ success.

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