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Improving the User Experience

The website of your firm is often the very first opportunity you have to make a positive impression on a potential client. With more and more people using the Internet to find information and services, it is paramount that your website not only draws the user in using effective imagery, but that it is also highly functional and informative for an average, everyday consumer.

While there are many factors that contribute to the overall impact of a website, one of the fundamental elements is that of the user experience, which focuses on the direct human interaction with the contents of your website.

Designing an effective user experience, or “UX” as it has come to be known, requires the seamless integration of many components into a comprehensive overall design that focuses both on functionality AND  aesthetics. The successful application of these elements culminates into a fluid, dynamic interaction between the user and your site, which helps to establish a connection with that user that in many cases, may lead to a potential case sign-up.

The UX design team at Practice Made Perfect creates a user experience that not only reflects your law firm’s brand and clearly communicates your message, but is easy for visitors to navigate, understand and most importantly, get access to a consultation.

Designing the User Experience

Today’s web savvy user has developed certain expectations when they visit a website. In a fiercely competitive landscape like the legal industry, meeting these expectations can mean the difference between a “bounce” and a conversion.

The well-designed UX includes traits such as:

  • Main purpose of site is easily identified
  • “Paths” lead visitors to complete goals, or “conversions”, using clear calls-to-action
  • Site design is visually dynamic and engaging
  • Content can be easily accessed site-wide
  • Content is relevant and engaging to users

A successful user experience will combine the requirements of a highly-functional interface with the demands of information dissemination and present them in a single, beautifully engaging design.

UX Strategy for Legal Marketing

Many elements contribute to an effective user experience strategy, and thanks to the dedication and research of Internet marketing pioneers, many methods have been developed to test and measure that effectiveness. The UX strategy developed by Practice Made Perfect is based on proven methodologies for legal marketing and incorporates research such as:

  • User Intent - When a visitor lands on a website, they have a certain intent, which is usually either research-driven or purchase-driven, and often changes over time. In legal marketing, the user may at once be seeking information or a consultation, or both. User-intent is factored into the PMP user experience strategy through the content creation process, which includes user-driven topic selection to meet visitor needs.

  • Eye Tracking - The results of industry-leading expert Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking research show that Internet users do not read – they skim. Beyond that, there are “hot spots” that attract the eye on any given webpage. Our UX designers use known techniques to take advantage of these visual habits and keep users engaged.

  • Establishing Credibility - One of the factors that keeps a visitor on-site and can differentiate you from competitors is credibility. Especially important in fields such as legal marketing, establishing credibility in a single glance is something we’ve perfected at PMP.

While there are a number of ways that this can be accomplished by providing a user with authoritative content on a given subject, in many instances simply having a comprehensive list of successful verdicts, settlements and favorable client testimonials can help to create that sense of credibility.

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