A new advertising study finds that when it comes to advertising, TV is King. The study was conducted by MarketShare, but commissioned by Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media. The results reinforce PMP’s emphatic commitment to ensuring our legal clients have a robust presence in their TV markets.

MarketShare is a marketing-analytics company and in their study, they conducted a broad survey advertising campaigns across five years in order to determine the effectiveness of various mediums.

The company surveyed the effectiveness of TV ads, print ads, digital campaigns, radio and paid search from 2009-2014. They concluded that TV advertising drives more traffic than digital or print media. More importantly, MarketShare found that when it comes to the success factors that clients are most concerned about, such as inbound calls, sales and new accounts, TV advertising out-performed all mediums by large margins.

Pursuing Digital While Dominating Television

In light of the continuous TV era is over commentary that has dominated the headlines in recent years, the results revealed what we already knew at PMP Marketing Group: the relationship between TV and digital is symbiotic and that law firms would do well to combine their advertising strategies.

While the way in which people watch TV may have changed, ads on television are still the greatest driver of qualified leads to law firms.

When attorneys and law firms combine their online presence with TV advertising they increase the frequency with which potential clients interact with their sites, make phone calls and retain them as legal counsel.

360-Degrees of Legal Advertising

At PMP Marketing Group, our holistic approach to legal advertising means that we use the most effective mediums to showcase our clients’ strengths.

In an era where companies follow trends, we make our decisions on the basis of quantitative data. When we propose that a client move into a new advertising platform, we do so because that is where the firm’s target market spends liberal amounts of their time.

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