Client discovered PMP while trying to find a partner to help increase leads and visibility of their website, while also resolving various stability and performance issues associated in the website code base.



Using knowledge and insights gained from over a decade of user testing and hundreds of conversion optimization experiments, PMP’s bleeding-edge design and development team created a custom-made design that effectively highlights the leading attributes of the firm while embedding that information into a modern, UX-friendly, performance oriented website design and code base.


Employing PMP’s structured approach to creating and publishing evergreen content, our content team worked to create and publish highly optimized pages, written using a Flesch-Kincaid readability grade to accurately appeal to the prospects that respond positively to law firm advertising.


Using an advanced URL taxonomy architecture as the foundation, market tested and proven SEO principles were applied both on and offsite to not only further refine the targeting of the content that is published on the website but to also increase the value of that content in the eyes of Google. Ultimately, the combination of these efforts are also designed to significantly increase organic visibility of ALL the pages on the website in Google Organic search.


Beginning with under 1,000 new website visitors per month, 3 years later the site recently passed over 6,000 new website visitors, averaging over 5,400 per month. Lead volume also increased over 197% during the 3-year time frame.