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Station Price Negotiation

Negotiation is key to an efficiency-based campaign, regardless of the type of media you are using. Our market managers have of years of experience negotiating rates, either on the agency-side or on the station-side, which gives our clients a great advantage over lawyers who attempt to place their own media buys.

We have relationships with hundreds of stations and media outlets across the country. Given our track record, sales representatives know that our buyers mean business.

At PMP Marketing Group, we believe that everything is negotiable. If we think that a rate is too high, we will work tirelessly until we are able to agree on a rate that is reasonable given the market and type of outlet.

Most of our campaigns are long-term. Many media buys are placed on an annual basis. We have found that stations will often offer you better rates and other incentives and added value for making long-term commitments.

Negotiation Made Perfect

We guarantee that our team at PMP Marketing Group will be able to stay within your advertising budget while creating a successful, results-driven legal marketing campaign. Contact us today to see how we may be able to help you meet your law firm’s needs by completing the contact form on this page.

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