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Radio Advertising

A successful legal marketing campaign can ultimately determine the success or failure of a law firm. Some may perceive radio as being too expensive or even obsolete, but the effective use of radio advertising is both affordable and a valued component of a well-rounded media campaign.

Across the nation, close to 95 percent of people listen to the radio on a consistent basis. These are all potential clients that may need to turn to an attorney for legal advice at some point. We believe that radio is a medium that should not be neglected in your law marketing campaign.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

There are many benefits to integrating radio advertising into your overall law firm marketing campaign, including the following:

  • Local and highly-targeted advertising
  • High retention rates
  • Effective reach and frequency
  • Flexibility
  • Quick turn-around allows for event-trigger campaigns
  • Mobility
  • Strong ties to the community
  • Low-cost production

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