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National Cable Campaigns

Cable Campaigns

At PMP Marketing Group, we offer many solutions through national cable coverage. With a low CPM, or Cost per Thousand, there are several different options for national penetration.

Through purchasing remnant or unsold inventory at a discounted rate, we are able to reach 85 percent of households. Large-scale cable campaigns are able to target gender-specific demographics through buying in clusters.

We’re able to choose specific programming that we have researched to be the most effective and responsive markets for a particular campaign. Mass torts and class action claims are considered direct response campaigns, so it is crucial to cast a wide net to receive as many leads as possible. National cable allows our clients to have a far-reaching campaign, targeting potential cases that are not geographically sensitive.

For more information on how we may be able to help your firm pursue a national-level cable campaign or to learn more about our success stories, contact us today!

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