Marketing trends come and go, but there are some statistics that law firms should pay extra attention to in order to properly adjust your marketing efforts.

A 2014 survey on legal consumer needs revealed that 74 percent of prospective clients that begin their search online contact the law firm via phone. About 87 percent of those who contact an attorney go on to hire one and 72 percent of those online go on to contact only one attorney.

According to the 2013 Google Consumer Survey, about 38 percent of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. However, about 62 percent of those searches are non-branded.

A Google Legal Services Study in 2013 revealed that 74 percent of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. Eighty-five percent of online users will find legal services locations via online maps. About 69 percent of prospective clients used a smartphone and a PC for research.

Thirty-one percent of all law firm related website traffic comes from mobile search. Seventy-one percent of people looking for a lawyer think it is important to have a local attorney, according to a Consumer Legal Needs Survey.

What are prospective clients seeking? Consumers consider four factors to be the ‘most important’ when seeking out legal services.

Expertise is the most important factor, consumers want to know how knowledgeable a lawyer is in their field.

Recommendations are the second most important factor. While word-of-mouth is a great way to obtain a recommendation, online recommendations such as testimonials or great reviews can steer a prospective client your way.

Cost came in third. Unsurprisingly, Google searches for ‘how much does a lawyer cost’ each month are in the hundreds. Many prospective clients want to know exactly what it will cost for your services. If you offer free case evaluations, it may be something to market.

Finally, consumers consider a sense of trust one of the most important factors in choosing a lawyer. The prospective client should feel like he or she can trust you. Often, trust can be built by establishing positive reviews online through strong recommendations.

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