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What We Do

Client Services Made Perfect

What We Do

At PMP Marketing, your firm is our #1 priority. We proudly offer our clients a host of custom-tailored media solutions and advertising services, that are created to make sure you receive the MAXIMUM level of return for your investment.

Utilizing a mix of both traditional and online advertising practices, PMP's lawyer marketing team is able to leverage current law firm systems with new strategy applications focused on visibility and conversion. The list of multimedia services that we provide to our clients include:

…. Just to name a few.

With a strong emphasis on projecting a cohesive, well-orchestrated image of your firm, we can help to build the awareness of your brand at local, state, national and international levels.

In addition to our concentration on law firm advertising congruency, we maintain a close watch on all advertising platforms to ensure that messaging is within the compliance limitations outlined by the American Bar Association.

Access To Exclusive Legal Resources

As part of the media-based services that we provide, we also offer a refined network of trusted resources and connections that ensure when you need help, it’s there. We achieve online and offline success through our network, building professional relationships that breed market dominance.

Not only does our network allow members to share ideas and legal strategies, but it also helps you find proven solutions to a variety of issues law firms deal with. Being a member of our networking group can also help you stay up to date on emerging practice areas for your firm to get involved in. Taking advantage of established networks is an important way to supplement what your firm is already doing.

With the emphasis on YOU being the sole focus of our company, we work to continually refine the marketing solution that you need to ensure that your firm gets the exposure it needs.

Need Help? Contact Us Today

With a dedicated team and the ability to create a unique media solution specifically geared to the needs of your firm, at PMP we have the knowledge and experience to significantly enhance the awareness of your brand.

To find out more, please contact us on 561-253-6707 and a member from our intake team will collect some initial details about your inquiry, and then connect you with one of our media directors – it’s that easy.

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Why SEO Is Important

Importance of SEO

In today's commercial market place, the majority of consumers first look to the internet for the products and services that they need and desire. As attorneys, the ability to be found online is paramount to garnering and capturing leads and, in turn, converting those leads into clients.

Here at PMP, we understand the importance of being able to be found easily online, and with a staff of seasoned SEO experts, we are able to combine multiple elements of our search marketing knowledge to provide a calculated path to the first page of Google for our clients.

SEO For The Real World

The practical application of SEO from a conversion perspective is quite simple - when an accident of some kind occurs, an injury victim or a concerned loved one often turns to the internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to begin searching for a lawyer in their city or state that handles cases in the specific practice area that the victim has been injured in.

Statistically speaking, most users will only search the top three to four results to find the answer to their inquiry. If those results fail to do so, they will then type in another, more targeted inquiry, which is often termed a "long tail search".

At PMP, we understand the functions that must be performed "behind the scenes" in order to establish the solid foundation for your website that results in high rankings for multiple terms - including how to structure the layout and content of your site in a specific, calculated manner that enables your website to appear organically in the premium locations of all of the main search engine results.

SEO Success with PMP

By combining a balance of innovative, forward-thinking initiatives, PMP has established an unparalleled method for dominating the industry competition online. From ranking in competitive markets for competitive search terms, to creating websites that are exclusively designed with conversion in mind, we have the skill set to greatly enhance the performance of your online presence.

Some of the components that we include as part of our SEO service include (but are not limited to):

Separately, these entities serve as essential pieces of the overall internet marketing puzzle. Collectively, however, these pieces create a direct path to online prominence - a path that we provide to our clients.

Our comprehensive SEO approach has proven to place our customers in the premium search result locations - helping to build an expansive online presence, which further increases the range and scope of collecting new cases via the internet.

To learn more, contact us today at 561-253-6707 or simply fill out the "Contact Us" form located to the right.

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Phone: 1 (561) 296-5678

What Sets Us Apart

The PMP Difference is what sets us and, more importantly, our clients apart from the pack. At PMP Marketing Group, our digital team is dedicated to pushing our internal practices to the next level, which directly impacts our ability to propel the performance of YOUR website and it's online presence into new territory.

Through the seamless integration of:

.... our digital department works in unison to create a comprehensive digital advertising solution for our customers.

As a highly dynamic, forward-thinking team, PMP’s digital division takes multiple moving parts and creates a unified, effective cohesion of marketing initiatives, that translate into our unique approach to building and creating custom-tailored websites and online marketing strategies for our clients.

As we continue to build our digital client base, we have pooled the most talented individuals in the online marketing arena which are focused on helping YOU. In doing so, we have taken these moving parts and formulated a powerhouse of digital knowledge and expertise, that has set the tone for the rapid growth that the department has seen over the last year.

Practice Made Perfect

The PMP Difference is showcased through our ability to transform an idea into a functioning, dynamic, and impactful website, all while maintaining a strong brand presence for the law firm we are representing. Beyond the digital difference, PMP Marketing Group truly shines when our digital and media resources converge to create a comprehensive, proven advertising solution for law firms worldwide.

Our access and involvement in the “one stop shop” mentality has proven to be the most successful method of law firm marketing.Through the marriage of PMP Marketing Group’s digital, media, and business of law divisions, we have pinpointed the champion fusion of law firm success in every capacity.

To find out how you can benefit from our services, please contact us at 561-253-6707 or simply fill out the "Contact Us" form located to the right.