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Benefits of Social Media

Statistics provided by Statistic Brain demonstrate that 56 percent of people worldwide were using a social media network in 2012.

Social media offers law firms a variety of different tools, features, and marketing opportunities which can help take their firm to a whole new level. In fact, the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, made a comment to Fast Company referring to a McKinsey report saying “social technologies have an untapped business value of roughly $1.3 trillion” and “most of that comes from improved office productivity.”

At PMP Marketing Group, our social media specialists will formulate and execute a social media campaign for your specific law firm. This campaign will focus on certain areas intended to utilize the full benefits of social media and provide your firm with the maximum online exposure it deserves.

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Social Media Benefits

A survey conducted by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Post-Election shows that by December 2012, 67 percent of online adults were using social media sites in the United States. While these individuals may be using social media for a variety of reasons, it is hard to deny the amount of exposure it offers law firms and businesses. This exposure has led to businesses increasing social media lead conversion rates by 13 percent compared to that of the average lead conversion rate.

Some benefits of social media include:

  • Branding

One of the most beneficial ways to use social media is as a branding tool. Social media platforms allow for you to determine how you would like to position your law firm and what you would like potential clients to know about your specific firm. By providing exceptional content and a constant effort, we can build a great reputation for your firm around your beliefs, values, and principles.

  • Creating a Community

Creating a community allows for us to gain instant access to your followers, which means we can use this to discover what types of challenges they may be facing along with what they like and do not like about your firm. A community also allows us to engage with ongoing dialog which can hold greater value than any paid market research offered.

  • Competitive Advantages

In most cases, it is likely that your competing law firms are not doing a good job using their social medias, as most companies as a whole are not. This gives your law firm a great advantage to stand out to potential clients, whereas avoiding social media leaves this open to your competitors who can then capture this audience and use it against your firm.

  • Increase Authority

Social media is an excellent way to establish a greater authority for law firms across the nation. Your social media pages can provide an opportunity to make you the go-to law firm for your target audience when they are seeking legal guidance.  By engaging with your followers, answering questions, and providing outstanding content, your firm will inevitably build a loyal following.

  • Increase Website Traffic

Several law firms fail to recognize that social media can be an outstanding way to generate traffic to their website. By sharing blog posts, images, videos, and specific content, it gives your followers a reason to click through to the post on your website. Once on your site, this creates a chance for us to inspire your visitors to take action by welcoming them to contact your firm though a “Free Case Review” and by providing your firms phone number.

  • Audience Influence

When your social media following increases it will also cause your influence on individuals to expand.  By creating a large social media following, it essentially creates a snowball effect which can be used to attract many new customers, the media, new partnerships, and several other new opportunities. A good analogy is when you see a large crowd looking at something, it is hard to resist looking for yourself, and thus having a large audience will attract interest and attention to your firm.

  • Exposure

An outstanding benefit to social media is providing repeat exposure to potential clients. Social media will provide your law firm with an opportunity to remind your potential clients repeatedly what it is that your firm offers. Of course, as marketers we have come to recognize the saying “it takes six to eight exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy”, or in this case, your firm will already have the exposure it needs to influence your potential client to choose you.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve

It has become very popular for prospective clients to check social media pages before making a decision on which service to use, or in this instance, which law firm to choose. More individuals are now checking company websites, then checking social media pages for more information and so they can engage with these companies or firms. Thus, when your social media page offers a lack of content, or worse, doesn’t exist, your firm may have lost a potential client.

As these benefits may not be apparent at first, over time as your social media begins to develop, more people will begin to notice your firm and begin to comment on your posts and also recognize you for your social media presence when they see you in person.

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With the great variety of social media marketing tools and platforms available today, law firms are putting their trust in legal marketing agencies to monitor and regulate their online social presence. At PMP Marketing Group, our social media specialists will take your social media head-on, which allows us to transmit vital information to your followers and develop a strong following, which many law firms across America lack.

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