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How We Help You

At PMP Marketing Group, we specialize in steering law firms in a direction to make the most practical, beneficial internal changes. As we facilitate your growth and improve overall firm functionality, PMP clients quickly realize the value in having access to Morgan’s proven model.

PMP’s team of seasoned legal marketing specialists maintains a strong capacity to apply PMP methodology in order to streamline law firm functionality and increase overall profitability. The value inherent in Practice Made Perfect’s three-prong structure is massive.

The Value of PMP’s Three-Prong Structure

The marriage of PMP’s business of law approach paired with our digital and media divisions creates a powerhouse of legal marketing proficiency. As each of these elements merge, Practice Made Perfect’s synergy comes alive – propelling current law firm practices and introducing fresh, cutting-edge methods.

With the PMP guidance, we transform law firms into efficient businesses. As a pioneer in law firm marketing, we provide our clients with:

  • Organizational Models
  • Intake Analysis
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Website Inquiry Analysis

In addition, PMP offers on-site training at Morgan & Morgan for all our clients’ non-attorney staff members.

Full-Service Marketing with PMP

Practice Made Perfect is dedicated to the growth our clients’ law firms. We help facilitate this growth by offering strategies regarding obtaining repeat business and expanding current client bases. Further, PMP clients are able to generate new business through our attorney referral network and our mass tort introduction and recommendation program.

At the annual PMP client retreat, partners from Morgan & Morgan discuss management challenges and solutions. Additionally, Morgan & Morgan attorneys will review emerging practice areas that can provide additional fees for your firm.

For more information about the services that PMP provides, please fill out the contact form on this page.

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