You might think online legal directories are a relic of a bygone era in search engines. After all, legal directories used to outrank law firm web pages and that has not been the case for quite a while.

However, these directories are still important for SEO, especially local SEO. Getting your firm included in relevant listings helps to build trust with potential clients and makes it easier for them to find you.

Below, PMP explains how your firm can use legal directories to your advantage. We have helped many law firms across North America get their firms included in these directories for more than 15 years. If you are looking for ways to improve SEO or get more from your law firm marketing efforts, call PMP today to learn how we may be able to help you.

What is a Legal Directory?

A legal directory is list of law firms. Users can request a list of lawyers in their local area and the website returns a list of law firms that have had their information added to the directory. Legal directories are often divided into practice areas and other categories. In some ways, legal directories are kind of like a simplistic version of Google.

Some directories require you to pay to have your business included, while others do not require payment. Some directories are catered only to certain practice areas.

However, legal directory websites often have other features, such as forums where lawyers can answer questions submitted by users. Legal directories may also include content created and submitted by attorneys.

What are the Benefits of Getting Your Law Firm Listed in a Legal Directory?

There are numerous benefits to getting your law firm included in legal directories. However, it is important to note that you are not going to fully enjoy these benefits if you do not maintain these listings. This is one of the many things PMP helps law firms with.

Making it Easier to Find Your Law Firm on the Internet

Many potential clients turn to the internet to find and research law firms. If it is too difficult to find your law firm, clients will simply call another one.

However, adding your law firm to relevant legal directories is just one of many steps you should take to help more potential clients find your firm.

It is also important to note that adding your law firm to legal directories makes it easier for other law firms to find you. This can help you get more cases through referrals. Your firm may be able to help clients that another firm cannot help, often because your firm has a practice area that another firm does not.

Building Credibility

Potential clients often view law firms that are included in legal directories as more credible. One reason why is that law firms had to spend the time and sometimes the money to get on these lists. Another reason why is that some directories only allow firms that have secured verdicts or settlements that exceed a certain dollar figure.

Potential clients want to hire law firms they view as credible. They need help with the legal process, which is something that is complex and difficult for them to understand. They want to hire a firm they feel confident can handle the many aspects of the legal process.

Many law firms include digital badges from legal directories on their websites. Some people may find your website without looking at a directory first, but seeing the badge lends extra credibility to your firm.

Some directories allow clients to leave reviews of law firms that are listed. This can further build your credibility as people can learn about what it is like for clients who work with your firm.

Show Your Expertise and Authority

Getting your law firm into legal directories can also build your authority, if you use the other features of some directories, such as:

  • Posting content to the directory site, especially content that answers questions potential clients have about specific aspects of their cases.
  • Posting answers to frequently asked questions.

Improving SEO

Adding your law firm to directories gives you more opportunities to appear in search results. Legal directory listings could also help move your Google Business profile higher in search results, especially when you have positive reviews of your firm on these directory sites. The links back to your website from these directories also help improve SEO, as links are like votes of confidence in the quality of your website. Remaining active on these websites can also help improve SEO.

What are the Top Legal Directories Where You Should List Your Law Firm?

There are numerous legal directories, so how do you know which ones should include your law firm?

You do not want to spend the time and effort to get your law firm listed if it is not going to help bring in potential clients and improve SEO for your website.

What Factors Into the Value of a Legal Directory?

There are several questions you should ask when determining where your law firm should be listed:

  • Is the directory indexed by Google?
  • Are your competitors already listed in this directory?
  • Is the directory up to date?
  • Does the site seem well-maintained?
  • Does the site have a strong domain rating?
  • Are you comfortable entering credit card information on this site?

There are various online tools you can use to assess the domain rating and the quality of the links the directory is getting from other websites.

Popular Directories You May Want to Use

These are some of the most well-known legal directories where many law firms are listed:

  • FindLaw – This site also has numerous articles on legal topics, like state laws and tips on hiring lawyers.
  • Nolo – There are various subscription packages you can purchase to get your law firm listed.
  • Avvo – This site gest millions of visits each month. Clients can rate lawyers listed on this site. Other attorneys can also endorse their colleagues.
  • LegalZoom – This site gives users a detailed questionnaire to complete to help them find the right type of lawyer they are looking for.
  • Justia – In addition to the directory, this site has various guides and resources to help people understand various legal issues.
  • com – Lawyer profiles have client reviews and reviews from other lawyers.
  • Super Lawyers – While this is a directory, lawyers must be nominated by their peers. The site must also do a detailed review of lawyer nominations to determine if a lawyer meets the qualifications for Super Lawyers.
  • org – This site has numerous articles about a wide variety of legal topics, and these articles are often written by lawyers.
  • LegalMatch – This site tries to make it easier for users to find the lawyer they are looking for because it asks for a lot of information.
  • Martindale – This site gets millions of visitors per month, and the attorneys included in this directory are recommended by their peers.

If you are looking to get more links pointing back to your website from reputable sources, such as from legal directories, PMP may be able to help you reach your goals. Our experienced marketing professionals help plaintiff law firms across North America improve their SEO and attract more clients.