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When To Use PPC

While gaining exposure in the search engine results can be difficult amongst a sea of heavy competition, with a well-executed PPC advertising campaign created by PMP, we can provide the highly targeted ad copy and strategic placement that your firm need to stand out from the competition.

With an ability to thoroughly target specific audiences in specific locations, PMP create our PPC campaigns to pinpoint particular potential clients based upon search terms and keywords in which we bid on.

Some of the elements that we consider essential as part of our PPC campaign formulation may include:

After a deep analysis of your law firm, your needs, and also your budget, we are able to conduct an initial keyword research using cutting-edge tools and techniques, and our A/B split testing enables us to continually refine campaigns, ad copy, and targeted keywords in real-time.

PMP’s PPC Monitoring & Accountability

In an advertising landscape that is littered with failed PPC campaigns, at PMP Marketing, we understand that PPC advertising demands an applied, high level of attention in order to operate a successful campaign - which will often include actively monitoring the metrics of your listings. The data we receive from these reports enable us to provide our clients with an unrivaled accounting transparency, so that they know exactly when, where and how their PPC budget is used.

In order to optimize a campaign’s ability to perform, PMP Marketing Group, we closely monitor and analyze our active PPC campaigns on a daily basis, which also allows us to make any necessary tweaks to the campaign reflect market changes, while regularly supplying status reports to the client.

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Correctly executed pay per click (PPC) campaigns play an essential and important role in an overall legal advertising strategy. To find out how we can help to create a new campaign for your firm - or refine an existing one - contact us today at 561-253-6707.

At PMP we have the knowledge and experience to help dramatically increase the results from your next PPC campaign.

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