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Website Design Overview

At PMP Marketing Group, our website design strategy encompasses a number of elements that reflect the wants and needs of law firms across the country. The standard principles of balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, and unity are applied to each website that PMP’s talented web designers create. In doing so, we are able to meet the demands of a law firm from both a functional and aesthetic level.

From a basic web design standpoint, we place a heavy emphasis on the ability to clearly communicate the law firm’s purpose, practice areas, how they can help a potential client, and the overall firm culture. From a law firm perspective, we are able to cultivate a design that speaks to the client in need. Combining both of these components, we are able to provide a well-rounded website design that achieves the law firm’s objectives.

Web Design Made Perfect

From fonts to graphics to color choices to page layouts, PMP has perfected the process of aligning superior design practices with the law firm’s goals. Our designs are far more than beautiful websites. PMP designs account for the crucial marketing elements which promote action.

Practice Made Perfect designs websites that:

  • Supply attorney branding.
  • Carefully display calls to action.
  • Communicate the law firm’s value and function.
  • Load quickly.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Maintain high-quality imagery and graphics.
  • Integrate first-class photography.

Through PMP’s unique methodology, we supply website designs that meet our client’s objectives while adhering to tested design elements that promote action. PMP Marketing Group’s web designers create stunning displays reflective of our client's goals.

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Phone: 1 (561) 296-5678