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Website Conversions

Website conversion is the most important element in a digital marketing strategy for any law firm. Beginning with an initial, intensive research and analysis phase, at PMP Marketing Group, we understand what it takes to move beyond search engine visibility and simple website clicks - to ensure that any visitors to your site have every opportunity to quickly become a client.

Remaining conversion-oriented in every step of the SEO process, we are able to deeply analyze how our clients are converting in relation to rankings, specific keywords, language used in content, and website design and layout. Through continuous evaluation, we are able to make adjustments dynamically to reflect both the industry and the particular client’s market.

As each element of our comprehensive SEO strategy works together, website conversion is the ultimate objective. Through various initiatives such as A/B landing page testing, deep level on-page optimization, and a thorough understanding of the law, our SEO experts are able to create clear paths to clicks and conversions.

Client Acquisition with PMP Conversion

Practice Made Perfect continues to push past barriers to widen the funnel of opportunities through website conversions. As our all of our digital advertising efforts collide, we are able to use benchmarks to track current initiatives in order to improve upon future ones. At PMP, our digital department is pioneering some of the most innovative methods to achieving website conversions for our clients.

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