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Under-delivery, or UD, is defined as the delivery of fewer impressions for a specified time period than originally estimated or promised.

UD can occur for any number of reasons, including:

  • Revenue optimizers. Stations will run ads with a higher CPM (or Cost per Thousand) before lower cost spots.
  • Traffic Fluctuations. Sometimes, there may be events in the market, like a big news story, political advertisements or adverse weather conditions that are beyond the station’s control. Spots may get bumped for what the station deems a higher priority.
  • Difficulty of the station’s representatives to estimate available inventory.
  • Overselling inventory.

Regardless of the reason why the station failed to perform as promised, our team at PMP Marketing Group has the skills and resources necessary to hold them accountable for missed impressions. When it is determined that a station has under-delivered, we are able to obtain free air-time for our clients to make up the impressions that were originally negotiated.

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