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TV Advertising At The Local Level

We recommend that both brand-new advertisers and seasoned advertising veterans make local television advertising the central component of their law firm marketing campaign. Local advertising, whether on local broadcast stations or local cable networks, allows your firm to become recognizable within your community.

Recognition is the first step towards trust. Many of our commercial spots brand your firm based on your law firm’s culture and values. We believe that using these spots in a local campaign allow the community to get to know and trust your firm. Our goal is to make your law firm the obvious choice within your market when potential clients are seeking legal guidance.

Different Types of Local Advertising

Both types of local television advertising that we use serve different functions:

The core of all our campaigns is local broadcast. We have found that our clients have the most success targeting their core demographic through a well-rounded broadcast campaign.

Cable is usually a supplement to a successful broadcast campaign. Depending on the DMA, cable is not always the most cost-efficient avenue for your advertising. Before ever placing a buy, our market managers thoroughly research your DMA using tools like Kantar and Nielsen to make sure that local cable advertising is an appropriate medium for your firm.

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