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Transit-Based Marketing Mediums

Outdoor advertising is not simply limited to billboards. Advertisements that appear either on the inside or outside of public transportation vehicles, in waiting areas and at stations and terminals are all considered transit-based marketing mediums.

Transit advertising can be effective in almost any market, not just large metropolitan areas. And, compared to billboards, these advertisements provide a variety of platforms and are very cost-effective.

Advantages of Transit Advertising

There are many benefits to using transit advertising to supplement your legal marketing strategy.

  • Ads cannot be ignored.

A transit advertisement cannot be turned off by the consumer. Someone is not able to “change the channel” like they do with television ads. A transit advertisement will be there until the contract expires.

  • Ads reach a large audience.

Transit advertisements have the ability to reach a wide variety of potential clients from all walks of life. For example, an advertisement on the side of a bus can be seen by professionals, students, families and tourists who are either in their own cars or are on the side of the street as the bus passes by.

  • Frequency

If a transit advertisement is stationary, or if it is on the side of a bus that takes a specific route every day, those who pass by will be able to see it several times, which will help to reinforce your message.

  • Target-Focused

When we purchase transit ads, we are able to target specific groups of people or demographics by placing them in certain areas.

There are many possibilities for law firms to utilize transit advertising to create successful out-of-home legal marketing campaigns. To learn more about how PMP Marketing Group may be able to help your firm benefit from this type of media, we urge you contact us today by completing the form to the right of this page.

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