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PMP's Design Mentality

The PMP Marketing Group design methodology is founded upon years of industry experience. Website design must marry a law firm’s web intentions with their established branding. Our seasoned web designers begin with research and discovery, gaining a thorough understanding of the law firm’s goals. Following a discussion of objectives, PMP designers go to work to create stunning designs that encourage client action.

PMP web design focuses on clear navigation and a clean layout to ensure that visitors immediately understand what the law firm is all about and how they can provide services that meet the needs of this potential client. With clarity and modernism at the forefront of designs, PMP produces websites that are able to focus on the most essential element of a website: visitor interaction.

PMP Design Methodology

PMP web designs showcase relevant practice areas while providing a corporate, professional look and feel; these features enable visitors to quickly understand the firm’s purpose. In addition, our design team uses the layout to drive visitors to fill out contact forms, providing direct access to favorable leads. As our designs promote engagement and immersion within the site, law firms are able to take advantage of targeting clients with proficiency.

The following aspects are fundamental to PMP’s design mentality:

  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Focus-Driven (Promoting contact form completion)
  • Corporate
  • Full Screen
  • Immersive
  • Professional
  • Brand-Driven (Providing cohesive messaging)
  • Practice Area-Driven

Practice Made Perfect’s web design team has over 15 years of experience in creating some of the most robust, eye-catching websites currently online. The value in the combination of the above design elements speaks volumes when applied to an actual website. PMP Marketing Group is the future of law firm website design.

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