Over the past decade, the landscape of legal marketing has greatly changed. From increased efforts in broadcast advertising to amplified efforts online, specifically through social media.

In 2015, lawyers are projected to spend $892 million on television advertising. About 23 of 25 top Google keywords linking ads to user searches are for personal injury law firms. As the need for legal guidance grows, firms are becoming more strategic about their efforts.

Broadcast Advertising

Since 2008, broadcast advertising has grown by 68 percent, six times faster than all other ad spending.

Broadcast legal advertising quadrupled its share of syndicated TV ads. Furthermore, spending on cable and Spanish network TV has increased by small margins since 2006. Law firms are also being more strategic about placement and localized TV spots. Some of the cities with the most spots include Orlando, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Detroit and Birmingham.

The majority of TV spots were aired during talk shows and local newscasts. However, about 10 percent were aired during “slice-of-life” shows and situational comedies. Many of the spots aired were for dangerous drugs, defective medical devices and asbestos.

Web Searches

When it comes to online advertising, the same states with high amounts of broadcast advertising, have among the most in-demand keywords. In terms of demand, general class action and product mass torts remains generally high for monthly searches. What’s the most expensive Google keyword phrase? San Antonio car wreck attorney, which is $570 per click.

Many more law firms are also creating improved, locality-specific websites to improve organic visibility and local search traffic.

Social Media

Many more law firms are turning to social media to connect with their communities. In some contexts, lawyers are conversing with journalists on Facebook and Twitter, and serving as sources. In other instances, social media is being used to find breaking news and join ongoing discussions of current legal news topics.

PMP Marketing Group has continued to watch and embrace the changes occurring in the legal marketing sphere. We believe in providing our clients with all the marketing services they need to ensure success.

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