Sabetha Lafontant

Media Investment Analyst

Sabetha Lafontant is a Boston native whose professional journey is marked by a profound command over data analytics. Her analytical work is characterized by a meticulous approach to data-driven decision-making, which is pivotal in shaping business strategies and operational efficiencies.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, Sabetha’s data analytics skills were instrumental in optimizing marketing campaigns. She leveraged her expertise to synthesize market data and consumer behavior analytics into successful marketing strategies.

At Roberson, Anshutz & Schneid, Sabetha’s analytical acumen was crucial in streamlining operations. Her development of comprehensive data models and advanced statistical techniques to analyze large datasets ensured accuracy and relevance in insights, simplifying operations and supporting strategic planning and performance measurement.

Away from the professional realm, as a yoga enthusiast, she finds balance and tranquility, embodying the principles of mindfulness and physical well-being. The thrill of jet skiing offers her an adrenaline-fueled escape, where the rush of the waves mirrors her dynamic approach to life. Her journey is continuous growth, driven by a passion for her work and life’s simple pleasures.

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