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NFL Football - Will the Sunday Ticket be Streaming if Deal Goes Down with Google?In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, Miriam Gottfried reported that an interesting meeting kicked off last Tuesday between top executives at Google and the National Football League. Although the full nature of the meeting remains undisclosed, one of the topics of discussion was the NFL's Sunday Ticket Package, which brings NFL games across the country to a viewer. The package has been exclusively offered by DirecTV and has been a cornerstone in driving new subscriptions for the satellite provider, as well as keeping their existing subscribers.

Although at this point any agreement is simply speculation, a deal between the sports giant and the ubiquitous search engine could seriously shake up the TV landscape. Live sports are one of the remaining reasons many Americans pay for television service. With a direct streaming subscription option through Google, many viewers would have the option of cutting the cable or ditching the dish. 

Such a deal might be controversial for many television networks, but would hardly cause them to turn their backs on the NFL. Networks such as ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox pay a great deal to broadcast NFL games, but the ratings, affiliate fees and ad dollars would make it hard to cut ties over a little competition. There will be time to see how this plays out though, considering most of the networks' contracts are valid until 2022. 

Another speculation is that the NFL leaked news ot the meeting to get leverage as DirecTV's contract is coming to an end after the 2014 football season. The satellite provider pays a whopping $1 billion annually to offer the Sunday Ticket. With their revenue strictly from the football package topping out at an estimated $750 million from 2.8 million subscribers, Citigroup estimates that the deal would be unsustainable for DirecTV if the price was hiked to $1.5 billion.

But such a number isn't so daunting to Google, who had some serious cash in pocket at the end of Q2 - to the tune of $54 billion. Based on the popularity of the NFL, Google could expect to charge as much as $200 for a Sunday Ticket subscription, a bit more than's $129/year offering. However, anyone familiar with Google can expect that price to be lower to consumers while the search mogul focuses its drive on ad revenue.

Regardless of price point, it can still be expected that football fans will flock to a new Sunday Ticket offering if it becomes available. This may only be the first quarter in a very exciting showdown. 

Yesterday, the legal industry lost one of our greats: Ronald L. Motley of Motley Rice LLC. Today, we remember the trails he blazed and the passion, humor and inspiring skill he brought to the courtroom. All of us at PMP wish to express our condolences to Ron’s family and to our brothers and sisters in the industry that he affected so deeply.

When Ron Motley tried a case, he truly represented his clients, fighting with the same zeal and compassion he would if he himself were a plaintiff.

“He despised it when people were hurt through corporate misconduct,” said former partner Jack McConnell, “and he thrived on getting them justice.”

Ron’s intensity was a force that was recognized by not only his partners and peers, but his opponents as well. While Motley brought personal dedication to his clients, he embodied fierceness to his opposing counsel.

“He was a spectacular trial lawyer who worked hard for his clients,” said William S. Ohlemeyer, former counsel to Phillip Morris in the legendary mass-tort trial depicted in the film The Insider, “It was impressive to watch him operate in the courtroom.”

Impressive, indeed – and sometimes even humorous. Motley was also well-known for the stunts he pulled in court, entertaining jurors with props and testing the patience of his peers. Yet Ron’s reputation remained formidable despite this sense of whimsy.

“Ron Motley changed the playing field for individuals seeking to hold companies accountable in this country,” said Columbia, SC-based attorney Richard Harpootlian, a contemporary of Motley’s for nearly four decades.

Harpootlian refers to the pioneering accomplishments Ron made in mass-tort litigation and his role in the largest civil settlement in United States history. Motley first made a name for himself in the mid-1970s, when he became the first to file suit against Johns Manville Corp., a manufacturer of building products that were laden with asbestos. Later in the 1990s, Motley focused his attention on tobacco makers such as the Phillip Morris unit of Altria Group Inc. He recovered billions for his clients, including the record-smashing $276 billion settlement he obtained for victims of tobacco companies.

Ron was born in 1944, and grew up the son of a gas-station owner in North Charleston, South Carolina, to become one of the legal profession’s most feared plaintiff attorneys. He died yesterday August 22, 2013, of complications from organ failure at Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center in Charleston at age 68. As the PMP family remembers Ron, we reflect on one of Harpootlian’s sentiments:

“He may well have been the best trial lawyer of his generation.”

Read more about Ron's life in The Washington Post

Does sticking to one type of advertising make sense? Adhesive company Henkel says no.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, journalist Serena Ng shared an interesting interview with the CEO of Henkel AG, a German consumer-goods company that manufactures household products and adhesives for everything from automobiles to cell phones. Kasper Rorsted, who has headed the company since 2008, shared his thoughts on the balance between traditional and digital advertising for household products such as Dial soap and Purex detergent, two of the company's well-known brands.

Despite the extreme change in buying habits for items such as clothing, books and cosmetics, e-commerce hasn't become the one-stop-shop for household goods for a simple reason: they cost almost double to ship than to pick up at the local grocer.

Does that mean Henkel doesn't need digital?

On the contrary, Rorsted touched on an important point that any stragglers in the digital arena should take to heart.

"Digital and social media have an enormous impact on how people are viewing fast-moving consumer goods," Rorsted said. This extends to the way brands are being perceived in today's marketplace. Consumers are now able to offer valuable feedback and engage with brands in a never-before-imagined method. 

"You've now got to create a community online that you didn't have before," Rorsted said, "and that has a big impact on how people go shopping."

An emphasis on integration

Rorsted also shared some insight into why it's so important to integrate traditional advertising outlets such as TV with today's digital platforms.

"People are spending more time online, but... As digital use has gone up, TV use hasn't really been going down," Rorsted said.

This statement echoes the findings of recent three-screen studies by Nielsen, which demonstrate that Americans are continuing to watch television with little change in regular habits - except now they watch with their tablet on their lap or their cell phone in hand.

"TV is still the predominant vehicle for advertising," Rorsted said. But with today's access to media and advertising happening at multiple touch points, it's essential to integrate your strategy.

The South Florida Business Journal is the regional platform of The Business Journals, a division of American City Business Journals. The Business Journals publishes the Book of Lists for several markets throughout the country every year, which includes the Top 100 Private Companies and a host of other lists on the leading decision makers, business leaders and companies in each region.

After another successful year and exceptional growth, we are proud to again be named among South Florida's best by the esteemed South Florida Business Journal. 

PMP is now ranked as the #5 Advertising Agency in South Florida, a leap from #9 in 2012.

Managing Partner Kaci Bloemers will be accepting the 2013 awards for the following categories:

  • Top 100 Private Companies
  • Top 25 Advertising Agencies
  • Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses

PMP Marketing Group Awarded by South Florida Business Journal in 2013The entire staff at PMP is grateful for the recognition the South Florida Business Journal has given for our hard work - for the second year running. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of client care, and believe that dedication is reflected in these honors.

PMP Marketing Group's company focus is on providing comprehensive advertising solutions exclusively for the legal industry. Our accolades demonstrate our commitment to the continual pursuit of excellence in every service we provide, including:

With our company focus and dedication to providing an elite level of service, we look forward to continued growth and additional accolades in the future as we solidify our reputation as the legal industry's premier advertising and marketing agency.

PMP Marketing Group has recently received a total of five new awards for both our company and clients.  We are very proud of these recent achievements and the excellent team work and dedication that went into these awards.

Our team has achieved four Summit International Awards for website redesigns, a public service radio commercial and our own promotion reel.  We have also achieved three Telly Awards for our promotional video, a local TV cable commercial, and a regional TV and cable commercial. These prestigious awards have been around for several years and are becoming more popular each year.

The Telly Awards were founded in 1978 and have since become one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders, from larger international firms, to local production companies and ad agencies. This year the Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

Our Telly Awards include:

  • Bronze for Local TV Cable Commercial featuring Coconut Riddle
  • Bronze for the People’s Telly “Marketing Piece” featuring our PMP Promotional Video
  • Bronze for the Regional TV & Cable Commercial “Mesothelioma Campaign” for Gori Julian

The Summit Awards began in 1994 in order to enable creative firms to receive the recognition they deserve. This prestigious award allows for companies and individuals from over 50 countries and across five continents to compete.

Our Summit Awards include:

  • Bronze for public service radio commercial “Make Amends” featuring Gordon & Doner
  • Bronze for our own PMP Marketing Group’s website re-design
  • Silver Award Website Redesign/Rebrand Simien & Simien
  • Silver Award Industry Self-Promotion PMP Promotional Reel

These awards have allowed us to showcase our many talents as an elite law firm marketing agency in nearly every aspect from television and radio to the internet. At PMP Marketing Group we continue to strive for greatness through innovation, and the sturdy Morgan & Morgan name on which we were founded. With more awards on the horizon, we continue to demonstrate that PMP is the name you can trust with your law firm's marketing campaign.

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