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A majority vote by the Florida Supreme Court ruled that advertising regulations for lawyers would be loosened, including advertising on websites and other online platforms. Four of the seven justices agreed that lawyer advertising will now be able to characterize the quality of their offered legal services, as well as showcasing past trial results and testimonials.

While legal advertising, both traditional and online, must be “objectively verifiable”, the new regulations will allow lawyer advertising a bit more wiggle room. Consumer protection and public trust remain of the highest important, however, these regulations provide lawyers with a more balanced First Amendment right of free speech.

Following recommendations from the Florida Bar which are based on both state and federal court rulings, the Florida Supreme Court wrote in the majority opinion, "The proposals are designed to make the advertising rules more cohesive, easier for lawyers who advertise to understand and less cumbersome for the bar to apply and enforce."

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It is no secret that Google is moving toward visitor-based data, collectively called Universal Analytics, which measures more than just the number of visits a website receives. Naturally, the way we look at and use website analytics is shifting, as well.

As online marketers, we need to be able to utilize the Google Analytics tool beyond keyword research. At PMP Marketing Group, every member of our digital division is Google Analytics certified. Our team uses the analytics tool far beyond keywords, integrating the data to create a robust web presence for our clients.

Geo-Targeted Content

It is crucial that the content on a law firm’s website is geo-targeted to their market. Driving location-specific traffic to our clients’ websites is critical in increasing conversions. At the end of the day, the measure of a successful online campaign is an increase in qualified leads.

Analytics tell our team where your visitors and conversions are coming from. This data can give your law firm an idea of where potential cases are located, helping to optimize your overall media strategy.

User Paths

Google Analytics allows us to see which pages are helping drive conversions and which pages may need to be re-worked as they may be hindering conversions. There is not a simple formula for the perfect webpage; however through Analytics, our team is able to see the performance levels of every page on our clients’ websites.

With the visitors flow function and in-page analytics, we are even able to see how visitors navigate your site; a tool that we find to be an invaluable look into your site’s performance. We are able to see where visitors are leaving the site, how landing pages are performing and if the calls to action are working.

Blog Topics

Google Analytics allows our team to analyze what type of blog posts resonate the most with visitors to the website. We are able to see which posts received the most visits, had the lowest bounce rates and which were shared the most.

By knowing what visitors are responding to, we are able to create similar posts that will keep visitors returning to the site in the future.

For more information on how our Digital Division may be able to help you integrate a strong web-presence into a cohesive media campaign, contact us today.


Earlier this month, Nielsen and Twitter announced their exclusive, multi-year agreement to produce the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating.”

This new tool will expand on Nielsen’s current SocialGuide by delivering a definitive reach metric for TV conversations on Twitter.

SocialGuide captures Twitter TV activity for all U.S. programming across 234 channels, both in English and Spanish. This is over 36,000 programs. The tool matches Tweets to specific programs in order to provide social TV metrics, which includes the number of unique Tweets associated with a particular program and rankings for the most social programs on television.

The use of Twitter to gauge real-time television viewership by program allows Nielsen to produce standardized metrics for evaluating viewer engagement. This tool will help our market managers optimize a client’s media buy and make adjustments according to social media conversations.

 In an ever-changing media environment, where more traditional media is converging with newer online platforms, it is critical to understand how different types of media can work together to build a strong, cohesive campaign across various outlets.

At PMP Marketing Group, an integral component of our media campaigns is our ability to convey a unified message across a number of mediums – the value of synergy.

For more information on how we can utilize the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating to optimize your law firm’s marketing strategy, contact us today.

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