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online lawyer searchMarketing trends come and go, but there are some statistics that law firms should pay extra attention to in order to properly adjust your marketing efforts.

A 2014 survey on legal consumer needs revealed that 74 percent of prospective clients that begin their search online contact the law firm via phone. About 87 percent of those who contact an attorney go on to hire one and 72 percent of those online go on to contact only one attorney.

According to the 2013 Google Consumer Survey, about 38 percent of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. However, about 62 percent of those searches are non-branded.

A Google Legal Services Study in 2013 revealed that 74 percent of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. Eighty-five percent of online users will find legal services locations via online maps. About 69 percent of prospective clients used a smartphone and a PC for research.

Thirty-one percent of all law firm related website traffic comes from mobile search. Seventy-one percent of people looking for a lawyer think it is important to have a local attorney, according to a Consumer Legal Needs Survey.

What are prospective clients seeking? Consumers consider four factors to be the ‘most important’ when seeking out legal services.

Expertise is the most important factor, consumers want to know how knowledgeable a lawyer is in their field.

Recommendations are the second most important factor. While word-of-mouth is a great way to obtain a recommendation, online recommendations such as testimonials or great reviews can steer a prospective client your way.

Cost came in third. Unsurprisingly, Google searches for ‘how much does a lawyer cost’ each month are in the hundreds. Many prospective clients want to know exactly what it will cost for your services. If you offer free case evaluations, it may be something to market.

Finally, consumers consider a sense of trust one of the most important factors in choosing a lawyer. The prospective client should feel like he or she can trust you. Often, trust can be built by establishing positive reviews online through strong recommendations.

At PMP Marketing Group, we understand the needs of consumers and law firms. Our goal is to help you obtain the clients you need for a successful business.

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ad-blocking softwareAd-blocking software has more than 200 million users, which has many businesses questioning just how this will impact their advertising efforts.

Usage rates for this type of software vary on the type of content being provided and audience demographics. For example, young men using video game sites tend to use ad-block software more frequently.

While ad-block software on desktops is nothing new, many are worried about how Apple’s decision to support ad blockers in its iPhone operating system will impact business. By January 2014, mobile browsing surpassed desktop internet usage. Many businesses have begun to notice that much of their website traffic is coming in from mobile, which can include tablets, smartphones and e-readers.

Recently, the New York Times decided to test ad-blocking apps available for the iPhone and measure how well the programs improved webpage loading times and if it increased the smartphone’s battery life.

Purify and Crystal, two of the most popular ad blockers, as well as 1blocker, were tested.

In the first test, data sizes of the 50 most popular news websites were tested with and without the ad blockers enabled. A second test measured battery life to determine if the ad blockers helped preserve battery life.

Test results revealed that webpage data sizes decreased significantly while load times were much faster when ad blockers were turned on. Furthermore, the iPhone’s battery life also improved when ads were removed.

A different study has shown that ad-blocking software sometimes causes websites to load with missing pieces of content and broken online shopping carts.

Ad-blocking software for mobile devices is available for mobile browsing, but will not work with apps. How will this affect your law firm? If you’re running banner ads, your intended audience may no longer see them. Some firms may choose to look into advertising in mobile apps, such as Facebook, to get more of their messages out as mobile ad-blocking software use increases.

At PMP Marketing Group, we are well-versed in social media marketing and can help your law firm increase conversions despite the popularity of ad-blocking software.

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It’s true, Americans are working more hours than ever before. However, the past-time of watching TV continues to grow despite people spending more time at work.

According to the Department of Labor’s American Time Use Survey report, work took up nearly eight hours of the day. The time spend at work rose by ten minutes between 2013 and 2014.

Americans are spending nearly three hours a day watching TV, which is more time than last year. On average, the only other things Americans do more often each day is work-related tasks and sleeping.

Although it has been said that people are living busier and more frantic lives, many still find time to watch television. The increased time in front of the TV means that advertisers are getting more commercials in front of an audience.

Unfortunately, the data did not include how much time Americans spend on their mobile devices watching TV through other outlets like a tablet or gaming console. According to Business Insider, Americans spend an average of two hours and 57 minutes on a mobile device; this is nine more minutes than what is spent in front of a TV.

Nielsen says that about 84 percent of consumers use their mobile device as a second, supplementary TV. Furthermore, a recent study by MarketShare concluded that TV advertising drives more traffic than print and digital media.

With Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon revolutionizing how and when people watch TV, advertisers must adapt and determine how to best get their message across. With an election year closing in, many will find that their commercials may not reach the intended audience as a result of more air time being given to politicians.

At PMP Marketing Group, we believe in staying ahead of the trends to ensure that our clients’ messages target the right people at the right time.

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next-generation legal marketingA new advertising study finds that when it comes to advertising, TV is King. The study was conducted by MarketShare, but commissioned by Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media. The results reinforce PMP's emphatic commitment to ensuring our legal clients have a robust presence in their TV markets.

MarketShare is a marketing-analytics company and in their study, they conducted a broad survey advertising campaigns across five years in order to determine the effectiveness of various mediums.

The company surveyed the effectiveness of TV ads, print ads, digital campaigns, radio and paid search from 2009-2014. They concluded that TV advertising drives more traffic than digital or print media. More importantly, MarketShare found that when it comes to the success factors that clients are most concerned about, such as inbound calls, sales and new accounts, TV advertising out-performed all mediums by large margins.

Pursuing Digital While Dominating Television

In light of the continuous TV era is over commentary that has dominated the headlines in recent years, the results revealed what we already knew at PMP Marketing Group: the relationship between TV and digital is symbiotic and that law firms would do well to combine their advertising strategies.

While the way in which people watch TV may have changed, ads on television are still the greatest driver of qualified leads to law firms.

When attorneys and law firms combine their online presence with TV advertising they increase the frequency with which potential clients interact with their sites, make phone calls and retain them as legal counsel.

360-Degrees of Legal Advertising

At PMP Marketing Group, our holistic approach to legal advertising means that we use the most effective mediums to showcase our clients’ strengths.

In an era where companies follow trends, we make our decisions on the basis of quantitative data. When we propose that a client move into a new advertising platform, we do so because that is where the firm's target market spends liberal amounts of their time.

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legal advertising commercials

PMP Marketing Group (PMP) is proud to announce that we have been selected to receive the 21st Annual 2015 Communicator Award.

PMP has been recognized for a commercial produced on behalf of the Denver-based law firm, Bachus & Schanker. Our company received the Silver award in the commercial legal category.

Known for recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications, The Communicator Awards is one of the world’s leading awards program that recognizes excellence in marketing and communications. Awardees are judged and selected by members of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.

Judges are appointed to the academy on the basis of their professional achievements in leading “media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms.” The company has honored advertising agencies for more than 20 years for “work that [has] made a lasting impact.”

Bachus & Schanker: Suits

The advertising commercial, for which we were recognized, used a concept from the popular TV show “Suits”. Our concept highlighted the professionalism, integrity and zeal for justice that the attorneys at Bachus & Schanker demonstrate daily.

The 30-second commercial entitled “Our Passion is Justice” stars founding partners Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker in downtown Denver in powerful suits interspersed with scenes of important and local landmarks.

Each year, PMP’s advertising efforts are recognized by industry insiders all across America for the excellent TV, radio, and digital advertising products we produce for clients.

We are proud to have our work recognized and strive to supersede our former achievements every time. Our personal injury law firm clients deserve and receive the best.

Excellence in Legal Marketing

PMP Marketing Group is an experienced integrated media and advertising agency serving clients nationwide in the legal vertical.

In 2014, PMP also won a Silver Award/ Award of Distinction from The Communicator Awards for a different commercial produced by our team.

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