The following Awards were upon PMP in recognition of our innovative approach to marketing, and stand as a testament to the level of quality we are committed to providing our clients with every day.

2015 Communicator Awards for Bachus & Schanker :30 TV Commercial, titled “Suits”.

2014 Summit International Awards include:

Silver Award – Consumer Product/ Service Television – Gordon & Doner, “Things Change, Toby”

Bronze Award – Social Media/ Integrated Mixed Media – Riddle & Brantley, “Coconut & Friends”

Bronze Award – Public Service Radio – Levinson Axelrod, “Make Amends/ Holiday”

The Communicator Awards, which celebrates big ideas in marketing, awarded PMP a Silver Award/ Award of Distinction in the Writing: Video, TV or Radio Script for Bailey & Oliver’s “Sally” campaign.

The Summit International Awards have a 20-year history of furthering excellence in the marketing and communications fields. As the one of the most prestigious honors that can be achieved in our industry, PMP is privileged to have won multiple Summit International Awards for a second consecutive year.

Similarly, The Communicator Awards honors work that transcends innovation and craft to credit campaigns that have made a lasting impact on their audience.

The PMP team doesn’t work for the awards, but the recognition is certainly motivating! With 2014’s achievements under our belt, our focus shifts toward the future—what can we do for our clients next year?

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