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PMP vs The Crowd

The PMP Difference

What separates PMP Marketing Group from other advertising agencies? Simply put, our marketing team understands the Business of Law.

Our advertising agency has over 15 years of experience marketing for personal injury lawyers around the nation.

Throughout the years, PMP has refined its marketing model and shares its marketing and advertising strategies with our clients to propel their current procedures while making way for new practices.

The PMP Difference

We understand the complexities of the legal industry and maintain a deep understanding of how to reach your target market. Unlike our competitors who treat their clients with a one size fits all model, PMP develops customized marketing strategies for each and every client. In this regard, PMP structures media planning and buying to tailor the client’s practice area specialties, goals, and specific market.

In addition to personalized campaigns, we offer our clients a referral network, access to our exclusive networking group and proven business strategies. Taking advantage of this platform, law firms are able to communicate with the most highly-established network of connections.

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