The Staff of PMP Marketing Group wishes you Happy Holidays!During the holiday season it is time to re-connect with loved ones, friends, and neighbors by continuing holiday traditions. These traditions often build lifelong memories with family and friends, and help transform the holidays into a time of joy and sharing for all.

At PMP Marketing Group, our employees have many different traditions we would like to share. Throughout the month of December we will be sharing some of our employees’ own holiday traditions. Who knows, maybe you have some of the same holiday traditions with your family and friends; we hope you enjoy ours.

  • Paul Ehrman: On Christmas Day, our family usually goes to see a movie, and then we have dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
  • Jill Calefate: We have to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve, of course, followed by the Christmas Story marathon.  We wake up on Christmas morning and make Pizza Fritte (Italian Fried Dough) and open presents, of course!
  • holiday cookies baked by Lauren N BridgesLauren Bridges: Every year since I can remember, my grandmother and my mother made the same delicious butter cookies. Since moving to Florida, I tend to try and create a holiday atmosphere as much as possible. So aside from decorating, I bake my grandmother’s cookies and share them with my friends and neighbors. I also send some back home for my family to enjoy! This year, my grandmother is no longer with us, but I am grateful that my family is coming to visit me here – and I will have cookies ready for them!
  • Adriana Montealegre: My family and I usually spend New Year’s at the beach in Nicaragua.  My friends and I usually go to an annual beach party on New Year’s Eve called “Moondance” held at a virgin beach on the Atlantic coast of the country and stay until the sun rises.  Then on New Year’s Day we usually do brunch and Bloody Mary’s to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

  • Mandi Gelsen: Well, my family is Jewish so we do the normal Hanukkah celebrations. However, we also love the Christmas spirit. Every year, my grandma hangs stockings by her faux fireplace and we do a little Christmas gift giving and dinner. Usually after, we would venture to the Hoffman’s Chocolate Factory Holiday Wonderland and walk around. It’s the little things!

  • Matthew Meyers: When I lived in Michigan, my family and I would go to the Christmas tree farm every year and cut down our tree by hand. We would then have a sleigh ride back to the barn where they would prepare our tree while we had hot chocolate and snacks. This seemed to make our Christmas tree that much more special, as it was a family activity.

  • Elizabeth Malek: Growing up in Michigan, we always went to church as a whole family—grandparents, aunts, and cousins. After church we always went to my aunt’s house for dinner. We would always play some type of trivia game to pass the time before going to my grandparents’ to open presents. We would go to my grandparents’ and we all would have our special spots in the family room next to our tower of presents. We would go in a circle opening presents. After presents, we always ate pizza before heading home to wait for Santa.

  • Lynne Searles - Ever since I was little girl, I always received a Holiday Life Saver Book for Christmas  I have continued that tradition with my family and even though my children are 30 and 26 they still look for that Holiday Life Saver Book under the tree.   My son who now has a family of his own does this for his three daughters now so the tradition continues.  Everyone still looks for them including my daughter-in-law.

  • David Saenz: In our small family, the tradition has stayed the same every year.  The three of us—my mom, dad and I—consume a meal fit for 23.  After our “one meal” for the day, we all take naps and wake up in time for a gift exchange.

  • Marc Lippman - Traditions are one of those things that fade with time; that bring up fond memories of our childhoods.

    Sometimes, things we do as children reflect better on who we want to be, rather than who we are forced to be.

    Each year, I go to Boston Market and buy 10 meals. We find and hand them out to homeless people in poor areas.

    Then, it’s three hours serving food at a shelter and, finally, time to drop off the toys for the kids in the cancer wing of MSK Hospital.

    (I have a special relationship with MSK Hospital)

    Unfortunately, time or logistics prevents ALL these activities from taking place every year.  But, we try.

    Fact: The happiest people in the world are those that give to others, unselfishly.

    Google it.

  • Kaci Bloemers enjoys the company of her son during Thanksgiving - and of course, Anna and Willie!Maelie Arocho - One holiday tradition my family has is that everyone is entitled to open at least one gift at midnight on Christmas Eve.

  • Jeannie Cahill - Pigs in a blanket on Christmas Eve- it's a must have.  

  • Kaci Bloemers – Kaci’s holiday tradition is having a glass of champagne while cooking on Thanksgiving with her son, afterwards they go on a shopping extravaganza.