Kaci Bloemers, PMP’s Managing Partner, spent the bulk of last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, representing PMP Marketing Group and meeting with clients at Mass Torts Made Perfect.

Kaci attends Mass Torts Made Perfect twice a year to reconnect with clients and identify the latest trends in mass torts law in order to serve PMP clients more effectively.

With more than 250 law firms in attendance, and more than 20 mass torts covered, Kaci remains abreast of all the emerging legal issues that impact PMP clients.

There is a large degree of ambivalence about mass torts in America and state legislatures are continuously attempting to restrict the ability of personal injury law firms to represent injured clients.

The reality is that there are a finite number of clients who have been injured by asbestos, pelvic meshes, dangerous drugs and other products.

Finding and retaining those clients throughout the mass torts process can be a challenge, but it is precisely what PMP Marketing Group excels at.

By combining both traditional media and digital media, our advertising agency is able to help lawyers and law firms target clients harmed by specific products who are desperate for legal assistance.

Our singular goal at PMP is to help attorneys describe their unique advantages. More than simply litigating, trial lawyers are responsible for using the law to help people who have no other options get the justice they deserve.

In a time where the public, corporations and certain legislators are beginning to challenge the protections that the plaintiffs’ bar provides, we are proud to work with attorneys who pursue justice.

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