Online video marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your law firm across the internet. Of course, it is not recommended to simply throw any video we record on our firm’s page, we must first develop a strategy. This strategy should be designed to educate viewers about services, increase traffic to your website, and develop your firm’s personality or brand.

One of the major problem firms seem to have is deciding which type of video to create first. This video should be something simple and easy to create, such as an “About Us” video. This video can be used across your website, and is a great tool to introduce your firm to your audience.

Some other starter videos for law firms may include:

Once you have successfully created and posted these videos, and developed a following, you can begin expanding on these topics and begin painting a more vivid picture of how your law firm is here to help.

Choosing an Online Video Platform

Choosing the correct online video platform for your law firm is a critical when attempting to engage with potential clients. Some video platforms may display advertisements before the video begins to play. These advertisements may cause viewers to click away from your video, therefore potentially losing your next big case.

In other instances, the same video platform displaying these advertisements may have thousands of visitors each day, which is why we recommend hosting different types of videos on separate platforms, depending on where, and how they are intended to be used.

Some popular video platforms for law firms include:

Each of these platforms provides a detailed report on how your video is performing, which allows you to adjust certain aspects, and create similar videos to those which receive a large amount of traffic.

Video Marketing Statistics

If you are contemplating whether or not to use online video marketing at your law firm, take some of the following statistics into consideration:

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