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Melinda Perez : Digital Content Strategist

Melinda Perez

Native New Yorker, Melinda has over 8 years of digital marketing experience. She started her career as a Marketing Contractor for Lennar Commercial’s lifestyle centers, The Avenue, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She gained international experience when she received her BA in Media Communications from Webster University Vienna in Austria, where she spent four years dabbing into the journalistic world. Melinda enhanced her writing skills as an intern, generating news articles for the Vienna Review, a traditional English-speaking publication and went on to create her university’s digital publication, the Vienna Voice.

In 2016, Melinda moved to Dubai, UAE to pursue her MA in Marketing Communications. She worked as a Copywriter for an E-commerce company, Dubli, that catered to international markets from Asia, the Middle East & Africa, Europe, and North America. She represented the Gulf Coast as the face of Samsung’s Be Fearless Campaign where she had a trending Youtube commercial that garnished over 300,000 views.

When Melinda is not writing, she enjoys the company of family and performing in local musical theatre productions.

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