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Social Media Platform Differences

Law firms utilize social media to protect, promote, and enhance the value of their brand. The ability to communicate via the internet has encouraged businesses in almost every industry to jump on board and take advantage of social media platforms and the massive audiences they have the potential to reach.

At PMP Marketing Group, our social media experts have researched each major social platform to determine its value in relation to law firm marketing, obtaining have a comprehensive understanding of social media, its value, and how this value can be translated to suit YOUR law firm.

In doing so, our PMP social media specialists have developed a marketing plan which fosters brand development and reach, dissemination of legal information, and a place to showcase the active community involvement of your practice.

How Our Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Firm

Utilizing PMP’s approach to social media, social marketing strategies are formulated to avoid legal jargon and frame topics from a client’s viewpoint.

Due to the vast amount of social media website currently online, in an effort to best serve our clients, we primary focuses on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • MySpace

PMP’s dynamic team uses social media to promote current events, timely cases, community involvement, and many other topics relevant to the legal community at large. Each element of Practice Made Perfect social marketing strategy is concentrates on relationship building through associated legal consumer groups.

Social Media Made Perfect

With the abundance of social tools and platforms available today, law firms are looking to legal marketing agencies to monitor and regulate their social presence online. Here PMP Marketing Group, our digital division has taken social media head-on, enabling us to help your firm transmit information socially while building meaningful relationships.

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