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Mass Tort Law

Over the past 10 years, state regulations have significantly affected the bottom line of many personal injury law firms. Stringent guidelines and requirements have altered the manner in which many firms are able to operate and function. As a result, many plaintiff personal injury lawyers have turned to mass torts to increase their firm’s revenue and capacity for success.

At PMP Marketing Group, we utilize our highly-established network of connections to help personal injury law firms get into the area of mass torts. Combining advanced communication tactics with deep immersion into the field of law, PMP has solidified a proven model for capturing mass torts early and, most importantly, before our clients’ competitors are able to react and respond.

Benefits of the Morgan & Morgan Prowess

As a member of Morgan & Morgan’s networking group, law firms receive mass tort introductions and recommendations on a regular basis. Laying the foundation for consistent and systematic conversations with our clients, PMP keeps a finger on the pulse of then market to quickly update our client-base.

In addition to our unique approach to client interaction, we advise law firms on the following areas in regards to specific mass torts:

  • Lifecycle
  • Viability
  • Plaintiff Pool
  • Lead Generation

It is essential for attorneys need to be aware that mass torts have a life span. In order to maximize a law firm’s profits, the firm must be on the front end of emerging mass torts. At PMP, we are up-to-date on the latest mass torts and promptly notify our client-base as soon as one emerges.

Mass tort law is complex and intricate. As an ever-changing area of practice, the dynamic team at Practice Made Perfect makes sure to keep our clients well-versed and current at all times. For additional information about our mass tort services, complete the contact form on this page.

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