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The Importance of Consistent Messaging

In the fiercely competitive field of law firm marketing, it’s important to have a multi-faceted advertising strategy that combines the power of traditional media with a highly refined digital platform that is able to reinforce the message being projected into the marketplace.

This unified approach helps to establish the brand awareness of your firm in your area and allows those that are interested in learning more about your services to find an easily identifiable connection between the media being broadcast and your “online storefront” - which is your website.

Failing to provide this cohesive approach often results in a media campaign that falls short of expectations.

Ultimately, consistent messaging is paramount in an integrated marketing communication strategy, in order to obtain the maximum impact from your firm’s advertising budget.

By ensuring that every advertisement and every marketing material is designed  and presented specifically to your target audience, your firm’s core message remains recognizable for not only the duration of a campaign, but as a sustainable, long-term marketing strategy.

Creating an Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

With decades of combined experience in the advertising arena, the staff at PMP understand how important presenting a consistent message is to capturing clients and competing in your DMA. Here at PMP, we maintain a cohesive connection between our analog and digital advertising messages and allocate resources to continually refine and improve our integrated marketing strategies.

To gain the trust and recognition of your firm’s target audience, we begin by thoroughly getting to know your firm’s brand and what cases are most important to you. Then we set to work bringing your message to the clients you want to capture, and keeping it consistent through every medium.

Steps to our integrated marketing strategy:

  • Research: the PMP team gets to know your audience – what works in your DMA, what advertising options are available, and how the locals behave online – and the voice you have in your community
  • Plan: using our proven marketing strategies to perfect your brand identity, we create customized campaigns that include clear marketing messages designed to be effective for your target market
  • Execute: at PMP there are no barriers between our best minds in media and digital, making sure your message never gets lost in the shuffle and your marketing communications remain consistent
  • Evaluate: the PMP Difference means never settling in our ways – by striving continually to improve our practice and taking steps to increase our clients’ presence on and offline through an always-evolving integrated communication strategy

Practice Made Perfect’s integrated approach to advertising is based upon proven methods used to boost brand awareness for law firms. At PMP, we use consistent messaging and a unified multi-channel marketing strategy to create an impactful impression, every time.

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Venturing into the world of law firm marketing can be quite daunting for many firms; however, it doesn’t have to be. We have been instrumental in helping firms just like yours to become established and highly recognized at local, regional and national levels, and can develop a custom-tailored marketing strategy specifically designed for the needs of your firm.

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