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Local Area Cable TV Marketing

We usually recommend local cable advertising as a supplement to a local broadcast campaign. Cable advertising can be broken down into two categories; network and spot. Choosing between network cable and spot cable depends on the type of campaign.

  • Network Cable advertising refers to purchasing air time directly from a cable network in order to reach their audience on a national level.
  • Spot Cable advertising allows the purchasing of commercial time on various cable networks within a specific DMA or geographic area.

Sometimes, large cable groups within a DMA are “connected” together. This is called an interconnect. An interconnect allows us to reach all cable households within a specific DMA with one buy, instead of having separate buys to cover all cable networks within the market. An interconnect links two or more cable systems in order to distribute commercials across a wider geographic area.

Local cable advertising allows our clients to expand the reach of their law firm’s message beyond a more traditional broadcast campaign. For more information on how we may be able to help your firm implement a local cable marketing strategy, contact us today by completing the form to the right!

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