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Local Broadcast Television Advertising

Law firms do not advertise simply for the sake of advertising. Attorneys want a results-driven campaign that will give them the most return, or leads on potential cases, for their investment. For direct-response campaigns, we almost always recommend that our clients have a presence on local broadcast stations.

Advantages of Local Broadcast Advertising

For several reasons, we believe that local broadcast stations offer some of the best means for an efficient and effective campaign. Spots on broadcast stations:

  • Allow your firm to reach large numbers of people within your DMA in a short period of time.
  • Enable you to pinpoint local audiences in accordance with your target demographic.
  • Give you an outlet to visually build your brand by offering the ability to convey your firm’s message through sight, sound and motion.

We believe that television advertising is one of the most practical ways of reaching your intended audience. One of the greatest advantages of TV advertising is the ability to reach potential clients in their own homes. Even though studies have shown that many use commercial breaks to perform other tasks before the program they were watching returns, many will remain within earshot and will at the very least become subconsciously aware of your firm.

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Recognition is the first step to conversion. For more information on how we can increase your law firm’s brand recognition through the use of traditional and local broadcast television advertising and how we can integrate this campaign throughout other types of media, we encourage you to contact PMP Marketing Group today.

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