As the saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” If this is the case, infographics must be worth much more, because they not only offer creative imagery, but incredibly valuable facts and statistics. Legal infographics break down confusing, complex, and sometimes commonplace ideas into easier to comprehend images and figures.

At PMP Marketing Group, our legal advertising team is continuously on the lookout for the latest and greatest legal infographics. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to understand how laws are made, compare different types of lawyers or simply get some great stats on auto accidents, find what you need in our Ultimate Collection of Legal Infographics!


Get the visual details when it comes to the average attorney and learn about law-related careers.

Private Attorney vs. Public Defender

This infographic asks the question of whom you may have a better chance of winning a case with, a private attorney or public defender.

Learn about the few similarities and surprising differences between the two when it comes to battling a criminal case.

Legal History

There’s plenty to be said when it comes to the lifetime of law. Infographics tell an illustrated legal history!

The Most Expensive Legal Battles in History

This infographic lists some of the most expensive legal battles in history. There have been dozens of battles between people, states, and major corporations which are demonstrated in this infographic.

Learn about the most costly litigation, the largest settlements and the most exorbitant divorces of all-time – so far.

Legal Technology

Tech has come a long way when it comes to legal record-keeping and communications.

The Evolution of the Law Office

Discover how legal office technology has evolved in this informative timeline.

This infographic begins in 1970 when the IBM Selectric Typewriter was popular in law offices, until 2012 when the Apple iPad was introduced.

Lawyer Tech Preferences

What does your lawyer use to communicate with clients?

This infographic demonstrates which mobile devices lawyers prefer and discusses other common technical preferences.

Political Science

The fabric of the legal system is woven with many threads. When it comes to legislation, sometimes the best way to learn is through a visual medium!

How Our Laws Are Made

Don’t have a clue how legislation works? You’re not alone. If you need a refresher on the political science behind law-making, look no further.

This infographic takes viewers through the entire process of how laws are made in the United States from a bill to the law.

Traffic Law

Did you know that a truck driving 65 miles per hour could hit a compact car and start pushing it in reverse at 64 mph? Stats about traffic accidents are usually shocking. Don’t become one!

A DUI through the Eyes of the Law

Driving under the influence is an unfortunate but common offense on today’s roadways.

This infographic demonstrates the process of a DUI from start to finish. It provides a number of different scenarios and potential charges that could be faced.

Why Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly

So what if you’re passing a big rig, right? Wrong. Commercial trucks have the potential to be more lethal than you might think.

This infographic displays the enormous percentage of truck accident fatalities and compares them to other forms of accidents. It explains the differences between types of vehicles involved in truck accidents and the resulting damages.

Find an Infographic We Haven’t?

Our goal is to make this your most comprehensive resource for infographics related to law. Find one that should be on the list? Let us know!

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