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About the Call to Action Function

A call to action is defined as a button or banner that comes in a form of graphic or text on a website. The intention is to prompt the visitor to click it and continue the conversion process.  This is a valuable part of online marketing which can be utilized by law firms to convert potential clients into clients by capturing critical information.

At PMP Marketing Group, our team of web designers will create a compelling call to action on your website which will help to increase your conversions and get you several new clients each month. To learn more about these services, simply complete the “Contact Us” form to the right or call us at 1-561-253-6707 today.

How a Call to Action Works

Essentially, a call to action is mainly used to get your website visitors to contact your law firm about your services or schedule a consultation.  At PMP Marketing Group our call to actions are designed to compel your visitors to contact your law firm by presenting themselves in a highly visible manner, so your potential visitor does not wander off your site and go elsewhere.

Some call to action features include:

  • Colors

Color can be used to balance the size of your buttons and also increase attention to your call to action.  This button will be one of the main attention-getters of your entire website. It is also important to choose a color that sets your button apart from the rest of your website, yet does not clash with the overall site design. Overall, using the correct color will create an irresistible call to action button on your website.

  • Creating Urgency

Most likely, if someone is visiting your law firm’s website, they are in need of your services. Thus, by using subliminal wording it will help to increase the urgency of the need for your services, in turn increasing your websites conversions.

  • Icons and Images

Icons and images can be used as visual cues in your call to action to assist in increasing your conversions. These icons and images are used to help clarify what the button is for and should not create any confusion to website visitors.

  • Include on Every Page

This call to action should not be located only on your homepage; instead it should be located on every single page. This allows visitors to search and find what they are looking for, then contact you from that exact page. This feature will help to increase your conversion rate by eliminating the frustration of looking for the contact form.

  • Positioning

Positioning your call to action is critical when looking to increase conversions. It is important to place your call to action high on the page and along the central column, this way it will be easily recognized and one of the first things that appears when potential clients visit your website.

  • Size Matters

Size matters to an extent because a larger size call to action will be noticed before a smaller call to action. However, keep in mind to keep this proportional with the overall design and color scheme of your website.

  • An Extra Push

An extra push by adding some simple content on your call to action banner may help to further encourage visitors to complete the conversion process and contact your firm. This may include certain details, such as “free, immediate, case evaluation”, simple, but to the point and intriguing.  

As there are several factors that go into creating a successful call to action, these features will help your conversion rates to increase each month by enticing potential clients to use your services.   

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At PMP Marketing Group, our digital marketing team has the knowledge and experience to create a robust call to action on your website which will increase your conversion rate and help clients utilize your excellent law firm and services.

If you are interested in our marketing services, and would like to learn more about our law firm marketing, we encourage you to contact us at 1-561-253-6707 or complete the “Contact Us” (Call to Action) form to the right, and we will contact you.

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