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Introduction to YouTube

On February 14, 2005 a video-sharing website known as YouTube would be founded. With the slogan Broadcast Yourself, the company would grow to show videos to over one billion unique users each month and appear in 56 different countries and 61 different languages.

YouTube is based out of San Bruno, California the platform allows for users to upload, view and share videos at any moment free of cost. It uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash Video to display a number of different types of user-generated video content which includes TV clips, movie clips, music videos, video blogging, short videos, and educational videos.

At PMP Marketing Group, our digital marketing team allows for law firms to open their virtual doors and enter a new realm of legal marketing. Our team will allow your law firm to showcase its attorneys, services, community involvement, commercials, and alerts through online video, while assisting to solidify your brand image throughout the web.

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Key Features of YouTube

As YouTube is owned by Google, there are several excellent features available to its users. If used correctly, these features can help to draw a number of views to your law firm’s videos. Furthermore, the YouTube platform also allows for users to network with other users by subscribing to their channel. The following information includes some of the key features which can be taken advantage of by your law firms YouTube page.

Some key features of YouTube include:

  • My Channel – This is the primary section of your YouTube account. In this section users are able to add their profile picture, channel art, add a channel trailer, show recent uploads, add playlists, and show likes. Users will also be able to add a channel description, links to other pages, and feature other channels in this area.
  • Video Manager – The video manager section allows users to edit, organize, create playlists, tag, favorite and like videos, as well as modify channel settings, view analytics, and check your inbox. There is an immense amount of information a user can discover about each individual video in this section of YouTube.
  • Analytics – The analytics section of your account will show you how many views each video has received, the demographics of people watching your video, the gender, traffic source, overall performance, engagement, and your top 10 viewed videos. This section provides users with many features to allow them to get the most out of their YouTube experience.
  • Upload – This section allows for users to upload videos and either allows them to show to the public, unlisted, or private. This section also has options available for users to record webcam videos, create photo slideshows, broadcast through Google Plus Hangouts, and edit videos.There are a few key components to pay attention to when uploading a video, the title, description, tags, and categories. It is always best to use certain keywords in these videos, as they will be more likely to appear when someone searches for your particular video in YouTube or in the actual Google search engine.
  • My Subscriptions – In the “my subscriptions” category, users can view any recently uploaded videos by users they have subscribed to. Subscribing to another user is similar to a Facebook “Like”; therefore if you subscribe to another user, the chances are they will typically subscribe to your videos as well.
  • Channel Settings – The channel settings tab allows for users to enable certain features, set default options for your channel, drive viewers to specific videos by reinforcing channel branding through InVideo Programming across your videos, and modify your basic account information.
  • Inbox – The inbox in YouTube is similar to that of an inbox in any email account. It shows personal messages, comments, video responses, videos shared with you, and videos sent. This also allows for users to compose messages to be sent to other users, which can be of great benefit to users if used correctly.

Of course, there are several other features YouTube has to offer its users, as developers are constantly creating new and improved features on this social media platform.

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A few other social media platforms our team specializes in include:

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