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Website Design Methods

As designing a website requires several sets of skills and training in order to properly maintain and produce an effective website, there are many effective methods that can be used. Of course there are several different areas included in web design including graphic design, interface design, authorship, coding, user experience design, and search engine optimization.

At PMP Marketing Group, our digital marketing team has dozens of years of experience in the industry and has perfected its website design methods to present law firms with the most efficient and flawless looking websites in their industry.

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Types of Web Design Methods

Every great lawyer knows that in order to improve upon their skills, they must study and discover the latest and greatest sources and lawyers in their industry. This is no different with website designers, as the industry is constantly changing and new design trends are emerging nearly every single day. Therefore, our web design methods must possess structure that allows for change and represents the latest and greatest trends.

Some common website design methods include:

    • Study New Design Patterns

    By studying new design patterns this will give you an idea of what features you would like to include in your website, and also allow you to recognize what is popular within the industry. Similarly, a lawyer may study the pattern of an individual’s bad driving habits leading up to an accident, which may ultimately result in a winning verdict or settlement.

    • Pay Attention to Detail

    By looking at every single detail of an object while designing a website will eliminate any flaws which will impact the overall appearance of the site. A few specific areas to pay attention to while designing a website include texture, shape, shadows, cutouts, and indents. Similarly, when a lawyer is comparing cases, they will not skip certain details because this may potentially lead to a different outcome of the overall case.

    • Use SEO Techniques

    When implementing search engine optimization into website designs, it will require a designer to code the website in order for certain aspects to appear in search engines. This will ultimately improve a websites overall performance and help to achieve more clients.

    • Know Typography

    While creating a website design it is best to keep in mind that the text will be the most viewed areas of your site. Therefore, it is imperative to possess an excellent vocabulary of fonts, and technology to assist in making your text flow with the rest of the website design.

    • Color Implementation

    Selecting certain colors to place in certain areas can make a great difference in achieving new clients or having them go to another law firm’s website. Our goal is to use certain colors which appeal to an individual’s emotions, whether they know it or not. Color is also important to assure your website flows well and appeals to the eyes.

    • Sketching Initial Website Designs

    Sketching ideas out on paper is a popular way designers create the basic images of what they would like a website to look like. Once these images are set in place, a great designer will be able to tweak and create these sketches on an actual computer creating the website that appears in front of clients.

    • Collaboration

    By collaborating with co-workers and clients about your designs, it will allow your website to be created to the client’s exact specifications while adding that professional design element needed for success. It is always good to get the opinion of many others before the finished product goes live the internet.

    Of course, there is several additional website design methods used to create a website, however these are a few of the most common methods used by web designers today.

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