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Introduction to Twitter

In May 2013, there were 554,750,000 total active registered Twitter users, which is impressive since the site was launched in July of 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Twitter is listed in the top ten most visited websites in the world. It is defined as an online social networking website and micro-blogging service which allows for users to read and post text based messages up to 140 characters, these messages are more well-known as “Tweets”.

Twitter offers lawyers the opportunity to help them build a following and allow their voice to be heard by over 554 million users. Of course, in order to use Twitter to your benefit, there are several features that must be recognized. These features will help your law firm get the most out of your page and help you grow a strong Twitter following.

At PMP Marketing Group, our law firm social media team provides attorneys with the most exquisite Twitter pages which can be used to generate new leads, interact with the community, share useful information, and build a brand and personality for your law firm. Our team has several years of experience with social media and can help your firm gain that online marketing edge you have been searching for.

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Key Features of Twitter

Twitter has many features to offer its users; these features can all be accessed through the tabs and resources inside the header at the top of the website. The key features of Twitter include; Home, @Connect, #Discover, Me, the Search Bar, the Settings “Gear” and the Compose new Tweet icon.

Some details of these features include:

In the Tweets feed users may expand the Tweet, go to another users profile, Reply to a message, Retweet a message, Favorite the Tweet, Share the Tweet through email, and embed the Tweet. These features are all useful in communicating with followers and non-followers alike.

  • Home Tab - The Home tab offers a collaboration of nearly all areas of a user’s account. This tab allows users to view their basic profile, suggestions on whom to follow, trends, and your Tweets feed, while the Tweets feed includes Tweets by people you are following.

    In the Tweets feed users may expand the Tweet, go to another users profile, Reply to a message, Retweet a message, Favorite the Tweet, Share the Tweet through email, and embed the Tweet. These features are all useful in communicating with followers and non-followers alike.

  • @ Connect - The @ Connect tab allows users to toggle between Interactions and Mentions. Interactions show who has recently followed you, retweeted you, or has favorite your Tweet. The Mentions tab shows who have mentioned you in a post. In this area users can also find any replies to all of their Tweets.
  • # Discover - The # Discover tab allows for users to find new users to follow. There are five tabs in this section including Tweets, Activity, Who to follow, Find friends, and Popular accounts. Details of these tabs include:
    • Tweets – This section is tailored shows what’s happening now on Twitter and Tweets that are tailored to you.
    • Activity - This shows users who your followers have recently followed, retweeted, and added to their favorite’s lists. This area provides an option for you to begin following these users as well.
    • Who to follow - In this tab Twitter makes suggestions for you based on who you are following and your interests. It allows for users to search for people, businesses, and their Twitter handle, along with the option to follow these individuals or entities.
    • Find friends – This section allows for users to search through address books and import email contacts. It also allows for users to search Twitter for people and invite individual friends via email. Lastly, Twitter offers suggestions for people you probably know in the real world.
    • Popular Accounts – This area divides popular Twitter users into their appropriate categories. These categories include Music, Sports, Entertainment, Funny, Twitter, News, Technology, Fashion, Food & Drink, Television, Family, Art & Design, Business, Health, Books, Science, Faith and Religion, Government, Social Good, NBA, Travel, Staff Picks, MLB, NASCAR, NHL, and PGA.
  • Me – The Me tab allows for users to see a list of their Tweets, Following, Followers, Favorites, and Lists. In this section users are able to monitor everything on their profile and Twitter page. The key features in this section include:

    • Tweets – This shows any composed Tweets, and retweets. It also provides a tab where posted photos and videos can be viewed.
    • Following – This area shows who you are following and allows for you to users to perform certain actions and un-follow certain individuals.
    • Followers – The followers tab shows who are following you, it also provides an option for users to choose if they would like to follow this user back, or block them from viewing your posts.
    • Favorites – The favorites tab shows any Tweet you have favorite and saves them so you can see them over and over again.
    • Lists – This allows for users to create lists of certain users who they enjoy following and place them into certain categories, such as “law firms” for example.

In addition to these key features, there is also a search bar, settings “gear”, and compose new Tweet icon, which allow users to find people, change their twitter settings, and compose a new Tweet directly from this button.

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