Big cases and trials often turn into a large media presence, however, not all cases are media-worthy. As a result of this, law firms usually turn to marketing in order to get new clients. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that new, and well-seasoned, law firms make while marketing their services.

No Online Presence

Having an online presence is essential in this day and age. Unfortunately, many firms lack an online presence or keep it minimal. A lack of website makes it much more difficult for potential clients to find a contact phone number or address. While some law firms maintain a website, they still fail to maintain a strong social media presence. With most social media platforms boasting millions of active users, it is important that law firms discover how to use these platforms in order to stay connected with potential clients online.

Failing at PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be effective, but costly if you do not have someone who knows how to do PPC well. “Lawyer” is actually the 6th most expensive PPC term. If you fail to have someone on your team who knows which terms to target, and how to work these terms into your PPC budget, your firm may fail to obtain the clients you are seeking.

Not Having a Blog

Many clients, and potential clients, turn to legal blogs as a form of advice when they need help. For example, a client might go searching for ‘Do I need a lawyer after an accident?’ and the firm’s blog can answer that question for them. A legal blog can help the firm rank higher for certain keywords and phrases.

Not Doing SEO

If your law firm has an online presence and maintains a blog, it does not stop there. Search engine optimization for lawyers is competitive, but also necessary. Along with better rankings, optimizing your website is important as search engine algorithms are constantly changing. An experienced marketing firm can help your firm create a sound marketing plan that can increase clientele and profits.

At PMP Marketing Group, we understand how busy law firms are, which is why hiring experienced and knowledgeable marketing professionals is important. Our team has experience creating and optimizing websites, running successful PPC and social media campaigns, and much more to ensure that our clients have the best possible online presence.

For more information on how we can help your law firm, contact us today.

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