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Internet Marketing for Lawyers

Getting connected with clients is important for a law firm whether that potential client is being connected online, via telephone, or speaking with someone through a live chat.

There are many ways law firms can generate leads beyond traditional marketing methods. With billions of internet users nationwide, knowing the best practices for online marketing can help further your outreach to potential clients.

A law firm website should have some basic features that can quickly connect a potential client with the firm, including a:

  • Prominent phone number
  • Contact form
  • Live chat
  • And social badges

Each of these is a simple way a reader can reach out to the law firm in order to discuss their claim and if that may be entitled to pursue damages.

Where Do Leads Come From?

Getting a lead is important, but making sure they find you is even more important. Leads do not appear out of nowhere and several facets of internet marketing are used to generate them.

According to Hubspot, the following sources generated the most leads in business to consumer marketing.

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Organic search
  • Blogs
  • Paid search

Social media and organic search was a great source of leads within businesses marketing to consumers. Additionally, in 2013 business to consumer lead generation budgets were primarily spent on social media and organic search.

From a search marketing perspective, PMP is leading the legal industry in our SEO and PPC practices. Through a calculated balance of both paid and non-paid search engine marketing, we are able to build a strong, enduring internet presence for our clients. While being found on the internet is certainly fundamental to online success, designing an external appearance which draws visitors in, and keeps them there, is essential to building an online brand.

Types of Leads We Track

Tracking leads can help law firms determine where they need to improve in order to garner more leads as well as determining if their efforts are not doing so well and why.

At Practice Made Perfect we understand the important of lead generation and how internet marketing can help law firms get the clients they seek. We are knowledgeable in tracking leads from forms, phone calls and live chats. Our team will track how well your firm’s internet marketing efforts are working and where your marketing presence must be increased in order to achieve an increase in quality leads.

At PMP Marketing Group, we produce far more than the beautifully designed, highly optimized, remarkably informative websites that meet the eye. Our team of attorney internet marketing experts generates online presence and consistent leads. With each facet of PMP’s internet marketing division founded on strategy, we are able to translate real data into actionable marketing methods.

To find out how your law firm may be able to benefit from our services, contact us at 561-253-6707 or fill out the “Contact Us” form located at the top right hand corner of this page.

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