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Introduction to Facebook

Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook would originally be limited to Harvard students. This would soon changes as they began offering Facebook to additional universities across the nation, and soon to anyone that desired an account.

Today Facebook has over one billion users and is worth over $11.75 billion and growing. As most individuals have a Facebook account, there are many law firms, businesses, products, and services which also have Facebook Pages. These pages can assist businesses greatly if they are used in the correct manner.

At PMP Marketing Group, our digital marketing team has the tools and experience to turn your law firms Facebook page into a tool which provides new leads, community interaction, useful information, and a personality to your law firm.

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Key Features of a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is similar to that of a Facebook individual profile; however it is designed specifically for businesses, products, and other services. Facebook pages also offer many more useful tools to help increase page followers and better promote your business. Of course, there are several things that page creators must know about in order to achieve any Facebook goal.

Some key features of Facebook include:

    • Page Creation

    There are several categories and sub categories a business owner can choose from while creating a Facebook page. These categories will allow the page owner to perform different functions which will be more beneficial for each type of business. The main business page categories include; Local Business or Places, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, and Cause or Community.

    • Timeline

    The Facebook timeline is essentially a collection of photos, videos, stories, and experiences used to showcase your law firm. There are many features found throughout this timeline such as milestone images and success stories, which can mark significant dates and events which occurred at your law firm. This timeline allows you to interact with people who like your page, which may not be possible otherwise.

    • Admin Panel

    The admin panel allows users to manage the Facebook page. This panel provides the Facebook owner with notifications, new likes, insights, direct messages, and Facebook Ad information. Several actions can be taken in this admin panel to allow for greater control over your Facebook page.

    • Profile Picture

    The profile picture gives your law firm its identity. This picture will also be used when you are promoting your Facebook page through ads and via thumbnail images throughout the entire realm of Facebook.

    • Cover Photo

    A cover photo allows you to feature unique images which represent your law firm and what you stand for. It is an excellent option to help you build your brand through imagery.

    In addition to these features, there are many more features which can help you build your Facebook page and significantly increase your law firms brand awareness.

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